The Defence of the Realm

Canada is a vast country with important, indeed vital interests all around the globe. The Canadian Forces bear some (not all) responsibility for safeguarding our people and territory, at home and abroad and for ensuring our sovereignty over the land we claim as our own, the waters contiguous to it and the airspace over both [...]

Don’t hold your breath

The Globe and Mail says, in an article headlined "Canada faces tough realities to reach Paris climate change target," that: "Ottawa’s climate-change focus now turns to reaching a detailed national climate strategy with the provinces by early March while also moving toward a North American agreement on energy and environmental issues." Neither will happen ... some [...]

The CPC Leadership Sweepstakes

Christina Blizzard, writing in the Toronto Sun, says: "She’s beautiful, fluently bilingual and well-educated. And she’s Justin Trudeau’s worst nightmare. Caroline Mulroney Lapham, the daughter of former prime minister Brian Mulroney, is the best choice to be the new leader of the federal Conservative party, many Tory insiders believe. Like Trudeau, she has an impeccable [...]

What the PM is (and is not) doing

I do not believe that there is, as e.g. Ezra Levant suggests a "media party." I think the Toronto Sun is far different in tone and approach than the Toronto Star and the National Post differs, substantially enough, from the Globe and Mail; I think that both The Rebel and it's opposite number, Rabble, are part of the "media," [...]

Resetting the Conservative Party of Canada

The media is full of, mostly useless, advice for the Conservative Party of Canada. I see two trends: ~ Return to one element's "Red Tory" roots; or ~ Go the whole hog to the social conservative/religious right flank. Both are, in my opinion, recipes for disaster. Both the Red Tories and the "SoCons" are fringes [...]

The Blame Game

Everyone and his brother is coming out of the woodwork to lay blame for the Liberal victory/Conservative loss in the recent election. It was Stephen Harper's fault or it was Jennie Byrne's fault, or, or, or ... I think it's a bit simpler than that. I think Canadians have, almost unconsciously, accepted the American notions [...]