Couldn’t have said it better myself …

I really couldn't have said it any better than cartoonist, commentator and author J.J. McCullough did on his blog ... ... by the way, that our military, yours and mine, being jerked around by two untested political neophytes who are controlled by one of Kathleen Wynne's former henchmen. Please take a look at J.J. McCullough's … Continue reading Couldn’t have said it better myself …

Getting it from the horse’s mouth

Apparently, according to United States Marine Corps Brigadier General Tom Weidley, speaking from an unnamed base "somewhere in South East Asia," Canada is "punching above its weight" in the fight against Da'esh/ISIL/ISIS. (In fairness to the new government, the article is many months old: April 2015. But, I think, the main point of the message … Continue reading Getting it from the horse’s mouth

Just not ready …

My friend Brigadier General (retired) Jim Cox asks the right question in a new article in the Vimy Report, a journal that I really hope everyone follows for its insights into national and global security matters, entitled: No fight in this dog. The key question is: Why wont Justin fight? Jim Cox suggests that he, … Continue reading Just not ready …

Peace and Prosperity

A few weeks ago I suggested that Canada needs a grand strategy and that it ought to be based on a firm foundation of acceptability to most Canadians (Louis St Laurent's first principle) and on our vital, national interests. Those interests, I said, are: Our personal and political liberty; A peaceful world into which we … Continue reading Peace and Prosperity

Canada deserves better

 "We will render you every assistance short of actual help". (Reputed to have been said by Robert Kennedy when describing Canada's position during the Cuban Missile crisis.) That appears to be the new, Liberal foreign policy, at least that's what I think I heard Stéphane Dion say yesterday, in response to a question from Conservative … Continue reading Canada deserves better


I see some great pictures on the internet of Conservative leader Rona Ambrose visiting the Irving Shipyard in Halifax ... ... she's meeting workers and talking to executives. That's a good thing. It's good that a Conservative leader is taking an interest in the business of building warships. There's a problem. The last Conservative government … Continue reading Ships

A “holistic” approach to “fighting” ISIL

A report in today's National Post says that International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau confirmed that the Trudeau government will, within days, will "announce a holistic approach and this includes all our contributions in terms of military, in terms of diplomacy and in terms of humanitarian assistance and development." She added that "it’s important for us … Continue reading A “holistic” approach to “fighting” ISIL