Buttons and bows, yet again … sorry about that

I know I said my "last word" about buttons and bows, but since doing real work appears to be too difficult for the "masters of the universe" in our bloated, inept, misdirected National Defence Headquarters, and the great minds have gone back to fiddling with badges while the world situation crumbles, I feel just as justified … Continue reading Buttons and bows, yet again … sorry about that

Just not ready …

In an article in the Toronto Sun, the Parliamentary Bureau Chief, David Akin, takes Prime Minister Trudeau to task for breaking a key election promise. The PM, said, Mr Akin reports, that "it's responsible," to rack up huge deficits because "the floor changed its place but the amount that we actually promised to invest ... … Continue reading Just not ready …

Conservative Leadership

In a post on social media, David Akin cites an ABACUS Data poll of 1,500 Canadians who self identify as Conservative and shows: It seems to me that: Messers MacKay and Kenney represent the hopes of the left and (social) right wings of the party, respectively; M. Bernier represents the hopes of the fiscal right … Continue reading Conservative Leadership

Advice from an informed source

In a piece in the Huffington Post, recently retired Lieutenant General Mike Day, who was, it was rumoured, short-listed to be the Chief of the Defence Staff, offers some good advice to the Trudeau government. The article says that "The former commander of the country's special forces says no matter how many "sunny ways" there … Continue reading Advice from an informed source

More on foreign policy (and naiveté)

Campbell Clark has written an excellent article in the Globe and Mail which I am quoting, below, under the Fair Dealing provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act in the interests of furthering discussion and debate on the issue: Liberals try to forge new foreign policy path but end up in a familiar place SUBSCRIBERS ONLY … Continue reading More on foreign policy (and naiveté)

Disappointed veterans

According to a CTV News report, many veterans, including those who organized the ABC (Anyone But Conservative) campaigns during the last election are disappointed that the "pension for life" promise made to wounded vets was not kept in the 2016 budget. I believe the Minister, Kent Hehr, when he says that more (and I'll wager difficult) … Continue reading Disappointed veterans