Kudos to the Trudeau regime for doing one thing right

Yesterday I castigated the Trudeau regime for, inter alia, attempting to subvert parliamentary democracy in Canada and being the "gang that couldn't shoot straight"because some ministers are, pretty clearly, way under-qualified for the jobs they hold. Today I need to give kudos because, as both the Globe and Mail and the Huffington Post and other … Continue reading Kudos to the Trudeau regime for doing one thing right

Is it just me? (3)

I asked, a few weeks ago, if anyone else thought that the Trudeau Liberals had gone "tone deaf" and I listed a few problems that seemed, to me, to indicate that the campaign team might be somewhat less than sure-footed when it came to governing. Now I need to ask the same question about General … Continue reading Is it just me? (3)

Right to die (2)

I expressed my own (some what muddled) views on the "right to die" issue about six weeks ago. The Trudeau regime is intent on rushing a bill (C 14) through parliament ~ in fact the origins of the "elbowgate" fiasco, which saw our prime minister make a fool of himself and insult democracy because he … Continue reading Right to die (2)

The Technoviking says …

My friend the Technoviking (AKA Major David Garvin of The Royal Canadian Regiment, currently posted in Washington DC) gets "down and dirty" with some food for thought for the Defence Review in his blog post. He describes, in a bit of detail, what a "real" army battle group,* ready to face a perceived Russian threat … Continue reading The Technoviking says …

Russian threats

My somewhat alarmist view of Putin's Russia, especially in light of America's current weakness ~ some of which is caused by decades of irresponsible economic mismanagement, some created by a timid executive and a focus on domestic politics ~ is growing. I think Putin, once again, judges that the US led West is unwilling and, … Continue reading Russian threats