Hmmm … (2)

I see an article in the Toronto Star, coauthored by Zanana Akande, a former NDP member of the Ontario Legislature, Hugh Segal, a former Progressive Conservative strategist and Senator, and Greg Sorbara, a former Liberal member of the Ontario Legislature and a minister in the cabinets of David Peterson and Dalton McGuinty ... ... in … Continue reading Hmmm … (2)

I disagree …

... with Michael Barrett and Pierre Poilievre when they propose to create a new parliamentary committee to investigate the WE Charity scandal. I agree that the scandal needs a thorough investigation. I would prefer a public, judicial inquiry, but that will not happen until we have a Conservative majority government. Any new committee will just be … Continue reading I disagree …

Ballistic Missile Defence NOW!

So, I came upon this backgrounder (updated in December 2019) on North Korea's military capabilities by Eleanor Albert published by the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations. One key takeaway is that North Korea continues to develop its intercontinental nuclear tipped ballistic missile force. Its missiles can now reach anywhere in North America: Anyone, which, I … Continue reading Ballistic Missile Defence NOW!

Good news!

After two years the Chinese government has, finally, allowed consular access to the "Two Michaels," as international conventions and good diplomatic manners require. A report in the Globe and Mail says that "Dominic Barton, ambassador to China, met over the internet with businessman Michael Spavor on Friday and [Michael] Kovrig, a former diplomat, on Saturday. … Continue reading Good news!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

I said, about a month ago, that "I am no fan of Donald J Trump, but to the extent that he had anything at all to do with [the recent Middle east peace deals involving Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates] ... [then] ... he deserves the world’s thanks and credit for being a … Continue reading The enemy of my enemy is my friend