Sleeping with the elephant

It is time to return to thinking about the USA and how Canada can and should respond to what is happening there. I have been a fan of Professor Amy Chua since her first book, 'World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability' was published almost 20 years ago. … Continue reading Sleeping with the elephant

The new “normal”?

Robyn Urback, writing in the Globe and Mail, says what I know millions of Canadians are thinking: "In a normal government – one susceptible to shame, subject to real consequences, humbled by its occasional fallibility – Finance Minister Bill Morneau would be made to walk the plank." But this is not a "normal" government and … Continue reading The new “normal”?

Moving the Overton Window

Please watch this very brief (2'31") video from the broadly conservative (pro-free market, anti-big-government) Michigan based Mackinac Center on the Overton Window. If two and half minutes is too much time for you to spare then this explanation from Politico might help: "The concept of the “Overton window,” the range of ideas outside which lie … Continue reading Moving the Overton Window

A foreign policy choice for Canada

So, two things caught my eye last week: first, in the Globe and Mail, John Ibbitson quoted a room full of (mostly young and über-bright) Canadian academics, all of whom are moaning about Canada's foreign policy being off the rails; then, over in Foreign Affairs, a world-famous strategic thinker, Professor G John Ikenberry, from Princeton … Continue reading A foreign policy choice for Canada

Why Can’t He Be Our Prime Minister? (2)

Following on from yesterday, but with another prime minister, half-way around the world from the Netherlands and Prime Minister Mark Rutte ... but with the same question: Why Can't He Be Our Prime Minister? Did Canada make some cosmic blunder for which we are being punished? Is there some reason we get Justin Trudeau while … Continue reading Why Can’t He Be Our Prime Minister? (2)

Why Can’t He Be Our Prime Minister?

Remember when the American popular culture journal Rolling Stone featured Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the cover? In was in August of 2017 and, here at home, The Star gushed about it being a "glowing" story that called "Trudeau “a progressive, rational, forward-thinking leader” who “overcame tragedy to become Canada’s prime minister” ... [and] ... … Continue reading Why Can’t He Be Our Prime Minister?