Do something

I saw this horrifying item by Jody Porter a CBC Thunder Bay reporter, on the CBC News website. “About 200 people were evacuated from Neskantaga earlier this week,” Ms Porter reports, “after the water plant was shut down after an unknown substance was found in the reservoir. That left the community of 300 people without […]

It’s National Indigenous Peoples Day

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reminds us that … … it is National Indigenous Peoples Day. Maybe our man-child prime minister will explain why he wasted so much taxpayer’s money on his unsuccessful vanity project ~ a failed quest for a worthless, temporary, second-class seat on the United Nations Security Council ~ which included sending millions […]

A fundamental shift?

Professor Branko Milanović, formerly lead economist in the World Bank Research Department, writes, in Foreign Affairs, that “As of March 2020, the entire world is affected by an evil with which it is incapable of dealing effectively and regarding whose duration no one can make any serious predictions. The economic repercussions of the novel coronavirus […]


Mark Joseph is an American multimedia producer (I’m not exactly sure what that means, I know what the words mean, I just don’t know how a multimedia production differs from, say, a film or a TV show), talk-show host, columnist, author and publisher, about whom I knew absolutely nothing until I stumbled upon an article […]

The Palmerston effect; or who is the puppet master?

There is a video, published by The Guardian, making the rounds on social media which shows Princess Ann, French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Ministers Boris Johnson, Mark Rutte (I think) and Justin Trudeau chatting, it appears, about President Trump who made long, rambling press conferences of his meetings with President Macron and Prime Minister […]

A contrarian view

Matt Ridley, (properly 5th Viscount Ridley DL FRSL FMedSci) whose blog I follow and whose insights I often enjoy, has taken a refreshingly contrarian view of climate change in the Global Warming Policy Forum ~ but I’m afraid that our famously thin-skinned climate minister, Catherine McKenna, will not be impressed. In essence Matt Ridley is saying that we are, […]

Second thoughts from the anti-Harper wing

It is no secret that the now oh so pretentiously named Global Affairs Department was less than satisfied with Prime Minister Stephen Harper; in fact who can forget the wholly unprofessional display of partisan glee when, in early November 2015, the newly elected prime minister was swarmed by cheering civil servants when he visited the […]

Water wars (3)

Back in 2013 I used these two images on to illustrate the water problem in China: They are pretty self explanatory: the one on the left shows water availability and the one on the right shows population density. Not at all surprisingly people live where the water is plentiful. China would dearly love to […]

Water Wars (2)

This, briefly, follows on from my placeholder about “hydro-diplomacy” or “water wars.” Look at this graphic … … it is from the March/April 2015 edition of the MIT Technology Review, from an article about Israel’s Sorek desalinization plant which was, two years ago, the largest in the world. “Worldwide,” the MIT article says, “some 700 […]

Water wars (1)

There’s an interesting article in BBC News entitled “Why hydro-politics will change the 21st century.” It’s certainly not a new idea … in fact the same BBC News discussed it almost 20 years ago and I raised it about four years ago on Of course we Canadian have a lunatic fringe ~ that’s you Maude […]