What we don’t know

So, there is a very useful, I think, summary of the Danforth shooting by Stewart Bell on Global TV's website. The 'new' bit of the news is that "The so-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Toronto mass shooting, calling the attacker a “soldier” who was responding to calls to “target citizens of coalition countries.”" But we have … Continue reading What we don’t know

The American Empire

Two things caught my eye the other day. First was this post on social media from the respected American diplomat and commentator Richard Haas: My 'world' was, mostly, defined by those decades when US policy was, I thought, defined by the Truman Doctrine which endured, albeit often largely ignored, from the late 1940s until, I … Continue reading The American Empire

The operational level of war: Russian air defences in Syria

There is a very useful article in the Georgetown Security Studies Review, a publication of Georgetown University's Centre for Security Studies which, pretty much, puts paid to Russian propaganda attempts to suggest that Russia’s advanced S-300 and S-400 air defence systems deployed at its Hmeimim airbase and Tartus naval base actually engaged allied stand off weapons. … Continue reading The operational level of war: Russian air defences in Syria

Have Conservatives lost the plot?

I see in a report in the Huffington Post (which, by the way, I do NOT regard as a highly reliable source) that "The Indian High Commission says a story being used by Conservatives to attack the federal government over the Jaspal Atwal affair is false ... [and] ... International media reports claimed a bilateral meeting … Continue reading Have Conservatives lost the plot?