2024 in Republican America

First, let me say that despite a few undeniably good things that he did, I will be very happy to see the end of Donald J Trump. Second, I have suggested, about a year ago, that former Ambassador and Governor Nikki Haley is running hard to be the Republican candidate for President in 2024. MyContinue reading “2024 in Republican America”

One set of rules …

This story, on CBC News, caught my eye. It explains that “According to Toronto’s ‘Use of City Resources During an Election Period Policy,‘ city facilities and infrastructure can’t be used for any election-related purpose by a candidate, registered third-party advertiser or political party. It also prohibits signs from being “erected or displayed” on or beside aContinue reading “One set of rules …”

Another broken promise

Justin Trudeau is at it again! As Bill Curry and Michelle Zilio report in the Globe and Mail, “Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is delaying the release of independent reports on the cost of his promises and will not be submitting all of his election pledges for review by the Parliamentary Budget Officer … [but 2019]Continue reading “Another broken promise”

Cambridge Analytica and Information Warfare

OK, so the big news, this week, and news with a Canadian connection is that Facebook has banned Cambridge Analytica, and now, in turn, Facebook, which lost 5.3% of its share value in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica revelations, is being investigated by the US Federal Trade Commission over its (Facebook‘s) use of personal data. Pictured aboveContinue reading “Cambridge Analytica and Information Warfare”

‘A modest proposal’ to address ‘a giant betrayal’

In an article on the CBC News/Politics website, Prime Minister Trudeau’s (wise I think) decision to drop electoral reform unless or until there is some consensus on something other than the current First Past The Post (FPTP) system (which tends to reward the Conservatives and Liberals for being popular and to punish the Greens and theContinue reading “‘A modest proposal’ to address ‘a giant betrayal’”

And yet another Everyman’s Strategic Survey and it’s about China, again

Yao Yang, who is a professor and dean at the National School of Development and director of the China Centre for Economic Research, at Peking University has written an article for Project Syndicate that has been republished by the South China Morning Post* and is headlined: “Once China develops, then its real problems begin –Continue reading “And yet another Everyman’s Strategic Survey and it’s about China, again”

2nd and 3rd choices

The format for deciding the outcome of the Conservative Party leadership race means that 2nd, 3rd and even lower choices matter … and might matter a lot. It’s no secret that I support Erin O’Toole, he’s my first choice, but: “Conservative members,” CTV News explains, “will cast their ballots once, ranking up to 10 ofContinue reading “2nd and 3rd choices”

It’s all my fault

It’s all my fault! And it’s your fault, too, Andrew Coyne explains in a column in the National Post. But, it’s not Justin Trudeau’s fault, because, as Mr Coyne tells us, tongue in cheek: “The Liberals promised something they had no intention of ever delivering. The fault is yours, for not making it possible forContinue reading “It’s all my fault”

Electoral reform

So, according to a report in the National Post, “Two-thirds of Canadians are happy with how their current voting system works, says a report detailing the findings of the Trudeau government’s online electoral reform survey … [and] … The report, quietly released online Tuesday by Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould, also suggests Canadians are willing toContinue reading “Electoral reform”