No one gives a damn: broken systems, broken veterans

Almost two years ago the Supreme Court of Canada drove a final nail into the coffin of an attempt by wounded veterans to hold the government to a “social covenant” which, they argued, had been established during the First World War. The highest court in the land, Murray Brewster wrote (first link) “was asked toContinue reading “No one gives a damn: broken systems, broken veterans”

Good news!

The Federal Court of Canada has delivered another much-needed kick in the arse to Justin Trudeau and to poor old Lawrence MacAulay, one of the few grown-ups in the Trudeau cabinet, who inherited this file from a series of former ministers: Kent Hehr,  Seamus O’Regan and (very briefly) Jody Wilson-Raybould. According to a recent (24Continue reading “Good news!”

Veterans and votes

There is an interesting article by Lee Berthiaume of the Canadian Press, reproduced on the CBC News website. In it, he quotes Jay Jorgensen, a retired sergeant, who served 17 years in uniform before leaving the military in 2013 because of a back injury and post-traumatic stress disorder, who, Mr Berthiaume says “is unequivocal aboutContinue reading “Veterans and votes”

One set of rules …

This story, on CBC News, caught my eye. It explains that “According to Toronto’s ‘Use of City Resources During an Election Period Policy,‘ city facilities and infrastructure can’t be used for any election-related purpose by a candidate, registered third-party advertiser or political party. It also prohibits signs from being “erected or displayed” on or beside aContinue reading “One set of rules …”

2019: the campaign starts

I saw two recent articles that pique my interest: First, the Canadian Press, reproduced in the Globe and Mail, reports that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has turned to veteran Liberal Jeremy Broadhurst to run the governing party’s bid for re-election this fall … [and] … Broadhurst, who is currently serving as chief of staff toContinue reading “2019: the campaign starts”

It’s an evil thing to do

It seems that moving Seamus O’Reagan out of the Veterans Affairs portfolio didn’t come soon enough. Murray Brewster, writing for CBC News, reports that, “A key psychological questionnaire for veterans about post-traumatic stress disorder was quietly rewritten late last year by Veterans Affairs Canada, CBC News has learned — a move experts say will makeContinue reading “It’s an evil thing to do”

A brief history of Trudeau-Liberal sleaze

I know I’m beating this Team Trudeau/SNC-Lavalin/Jody Wilson-Raybould scandal to death, but, even after the shocking resignation of Jane Philpott, it needs to be seen in a broader context, and Erin O’Toole, the Conservative shadow foreign minister, has provided, on social media, a brief but comprehensive history of the Trudeau regime’s ongoing interference with theContinue reading “A brief history of Trudeau-Liberal sleaze”


Remember this? During the 2015 campaign CTV News reported that “Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has unveiled a key election promise aimed at Canada’s veterans, including lifelong pensions for injured vets and hundreds of millions of dollars in expanded benefits …[and] …  Speaking in Belleville, Ont., on Monday, Trudeau said that if elected, the Liberals willContinue reading “Betrayal”

They were “asking for more than we can give” after all

The Supreme Court of Canada has, according to a CBC News report, refused “on Thursday to hear an appeal of … [a case brought by disgruntled wounded Afghan war veterans in which] … The high court was asked to consider hearing an appeal of a British Columbia Court of Appeal ruling last December which stated there was noContinue reading “They were “asking for more than we can give” after all”