Doing what’s needed to defend Canada (1)

Erin O’Toole raised a few good points about defence policy in his platform. Specifically he said that a Conservative government would focus on: Defending our Arctic sovereignty; Modernizing NORAD; Being a trusted NATO Partner: Reinforcing the cornerstone of Canada’s defence policy; Defending our partners in the Indo-Pacific; and Investing in our Armed Forces and ourContinue reading “Doing what’s needed to defend Canada (1)”

Canada election: 2021 (2) The unprepared election

As I said yesterday, there are three weeks to go until the ballots are counted in the 2021 Canadian General Election. Some pundits say that the real campaign doesn’t start until tomorrow or, even, until next Tuesday and, therefore, the early lead that Erin Ot”Toole’s Conservatives have taken in the polls, turning the tables onContinue reading “Canada election: 2021 (2) The unprepared election”

Canada’s Election: 2021

We are just three weeks away from electing a new government in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it is the most important election since the Second World War. That’s hyperbolic nonsense, of course, but it is an important vote because if Canadians decide to give the Liberal Party another few years in power thenContinue reading “Canada’s Election: 2021”

Planes and ships and vaccines and passports and …

… many other things will, I suspect, all collide (only figuratively, I hope) when, in late 2021 for some of the world and 2022/23 for most of it, the current global pandemic is under control and life returns to “normal,” which probably includes the already familiar annual flu shot and and a new annual coronavirusContinue reading “Planes and ships and vaccines and passports and …”