One step sideways, two steps back

So, three things caught my eye on this day after the election: First, an old friend of mine quipped, on a military social media site, something like: “This was the most expensive cabinet shuffle in Canadians history;” Then, someone else quipped, also on social media, about the recently revealed AUKUS tripartite agreement that “Canada isn’tContinue reading “One step sideways, two steps back”

Left out (3). The decline and fall of the Canadian dream

So, Steven Chase and Robert Fife say, in the Globe and Mail, that “The Canadian government was surprised this week by the announcement of a new security pact between the United States, Britain and Australia, one that excluded Canada and is aimed at confronting China’s growing military and political influence in the Indo-Pacific region, accordingContinue reading “Left out (3). The decline and fall of the Canadian dream”

Left out (2). It’s worse than I imagined.

Following on from yesterday, I see, in the Globe and Mail, that “The United States, United Kingdom and Australia are forging a new defence pact meant to contain the military might of China in the Indo-Pacific … and] … The pact, dubbed AUKUS after the three countries’ initials, does not include Canada, raising the prospectContinue reading “Left out (2). It’s worse than I imagined.”

Left out! Canada is no longer a serious country.

This article in Politico really matters. It says that “President Joe Biden will announce a new working group with Britain and Australia to share advanced technologies in a thinly veiled bid to counter China, a White House official and a congressional staffer told POLITICO … [and] … The trio, which will be known by theContinue reading “Left out! Canada is no longer a serious country.”

Doing what’s needed to defend Canada (2)

There is a thoughtful article in Foreign Affairs by Professor Joshua Shifrinson and Dr Stephen Wertheim which suggests that: United States President Joe Biden is a foreign policy realist with a moderate, pragmatic, cautious but perhaps Jeffersonian point of view; and President Biden might want to retrench even further, to disentangle the USA from theContinue reading “Doing what’s needed to defend Canada (2)”

Liberalism, itself, is at stake.

My news and social media feeds are full of outrage at the angry, foul-mouthed and semi-violent antics of a few individuals ~ mostly, it appears, supporters of Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party and, it also appears, somewhat organized, who are trying to disrupt Justin Trudeau’s campaign. Let me be very clear: people have an absolute rightContinue reading “Liberalism, itself, is at stake.”