Thanks for reading …

I was looking back over 2,600+ posts over almost five and a half years, and I realized that I have been repeating myself too often. Some things, a few things, do bear repeating but it seems to me that I have said my piece and you have all been patient and, mainly, kind in reading…… Continue reading Thanks for reading …

Taking a day or two off …

I’m pretty sure it’s just a minor head cold ~ the outdoor temperatures have been up and down lately ~ but I feel a bit miserable so I’m taking a day or two to rest and recuperate.

The problem of absolutes

Bill C-7, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying), is in the news, again, as the government seeks another legal delay while it tries to make a law that does not offend someone’s Charter rights. Back in September of 2019 a Québec judge ruled that the existing Canadian and Québec laws…… Continue reading The problem of absolutes

I remember

I am 78 years old. 78 years ago today, on 6 February 1943, the Canadian corvette HMCS Louisburg, pennant number K-143, was escorting a convoy from Londonderry to Algeria. Many of the ships were ‘troopers’ carrying US soldiers who would (along with thousands of Canadians) invade Sicily in July. As they approached the coast they…… Continue reading I remember

Wishing you all … (2)

… a safe and Happy New Year celebration and better, happier times for 2021. I hope we can work together, around the world, rich and poor, regardless of race or creed, to beat this virus. I hope we, in the US-led West, can come together under new, less contentious leadership, to address the threats to…… Continue reading Wishing you all … (2)

It’s Boxing Day

Some readers (those not from Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand) may wonder why we celebrate fisticuffs on the day after Christmas … do we take a swing at those who gave us gifts we didn’t fancy? No, it’s not that, it’s an old British custom, dating from at least the early 19th century ……… Continue reading It’s Boxing Day