Future wars (10): Good advice from the Pentagon

It must be pretty obvious to those who follow this blog that I take a lot of what comes out of Washington with many grains of salt, but General Mark Milley, Chief of Staff of the United States Army, has some good advice for Americans and Canadians, too, for soldiers, for citizens and for political … Continue reading Future wars (10): Good advice from the Pentagon

Fleets of ships

I'm going to write, for a few days, on how I believe Canada can (because it has the resources) and should (if it has the will) establish, maintain and use its military forces and ancillary service, too. The structure I am going to describe will require a lot more than 65,000 to 70,000 regular (permanent) … Continue reading Fleets of ships

Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Back in late February I commented on a report (by Murray Brewster of the Canadian Press) that the "Trudeau government [was] quietly shopping for military drones." I commended Defence Minister Sajjan for overcoming what I am certain was political and bureaucratic timidity because the misnamed "drones" are certain to stir up some controversy amongst the usual … Continue reading Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: The Middle East (3) ~ How does it end?

There is an interesting article in Foreign Affairs by Andrew  L Peek in which he asks and answers the question: "How does this [Islamic radicalism] end?" He prefaces the discussion with a very brief history of radical Islamism: "Islamist terrorism is not a constant. The threat of violent Sunni Islamism was essentially nonexistent until 1979, … Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey: The Middle East (3) ~ How does it end?

Some random thoughts on the 2019 election

Take a good look at these two images:   Now look at these two:   What happened? First the Liberals turned both orange (NDP) and blue (Conservative) provinces to Liberal red. We, Conservatives, only "lost" 200,000 voters (down to 5,613,614 votes in 2015 (31.9% of the popular vote) from 5,832,401 (39.6%) in 2011) and my guess … Continue reading Some random thoughts on the 2019 election

The Defence Review (20)

I see that DND is now seeking public inputs for the Defence review ... ... I'm afraid I still believe that the outcome is preordained by the PMO campaign team (I cannot call it a government, yet) and that submissions are sought to support that outcome, but I have gone over my own "little list" … Continue reading The Defence Review (20)

Maybe, but …

There is an interesting article in the Globe and Mail about leveraging defence procurement to improve our (rather sorry) national level of innovation. The article was written by Christyn Cianfarani, president of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI), so it surely comes with a quite strong point of view. On the surface the … Continue reading Maybe, but …