Cabinet making

A friend and regular interlocutor, reacting to a comment I made about a week ago, suggesting that the Trudeau cabinet is still too large, challenged me to look at the “ideal” cabinet. Now, it is certainly no secret that I think the “best” government Canada ever had, in modern times, say during the past century,Continue reading “Cabinet making”

Foreign and defence policy problems

Two things caught my eye: The first is a book chapter by Professor Roland Paris of the University of Ottawa, who was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Senior Advisor on Global Affairs and Defence in 2015 and ’16, entitled ‘The Promise and Perils of Justin Trudeau’s Foreign Policy‘ which will be published this year; and TheContinue reading “Foreign and defence policy problems”

A message for all Canadians

I have gone on, over and over again, about politicians, especially those in the Liberal Party of Canada, selling the sizzle and not providing any steak. Confucius, as usual, said it better: We need more “superior” men and women on Parliament Hill, in Queen’s park and other provincial legislatures, and in town and city halls,Continue reading “A message for all Canadians”

Sad to read …

It is sad to read, on CBC News, that “Conservative leadership contender Tony Clement is dropping out of the race to replace Stephen Harper … [because] … The Ontario MP said his campaign didn’t raise enough money to meet the “financial realities of this race.“ The report says that Mr “Clement said he would now turn his attention toContinue reading “Sad to read …”

Self destruct? Not likely …

Lorrie Goldstein, writing in the Toronto Sun, says that “The federal Conservatives these days are a textbook example of the political reality that if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything … The latest example, ” he says, “is a bizarre brawl in the party over leadership contender Kellie Leitch’s logical proposal that immigrants to CanadaContinue reading “Self destruct? Not likely …”

No, no, no and NO! (But …)

This story, from the Canadian Press, raises a disturbing question: is Kellie Leitch’s campaign team the same one that bought us “barbaric cultural practices?” According to the story Dr Leitch has asked her supporters: “Should the Canadian government screen potential immigrants for anti-Canadian values as part of its normal screening for refugees and landed immigrants?“Continue reading “No, no, no and NO! (But …)”

Conservative social programme spending

This is, in a way, Part 2 of yesterday’s comment about 800 pound gorilla that is the Canada Health Act and that threatens to destroy the entire Canada social safety net unless we can learn to contain its costs. Canadians love their social programmes. Many in the chattering classes assert that our social safety netContinue reading “Conservative social programme spending”


Rumours are circulating that Candice Bergen, Erin O’Toole and Michelle Rempel are all considering entering the CPC leadership race … … which would be good news. I think we want a big, exciting, even colourful field that represents ALL of Canada, coast to coast, and ALL points of view, from Red Tories to fiscal hawksContinue reading “Rumours”

A not quite so big tent?

I think I have been pretty consistent over the months I have been writing here in advocating, again and again, for a big tent party. Now, in an opinion piece in the Toronto Star, Prime Minister Harper’s former communications director, Angelo Persichilli, argues that: Prime Minister “Stephen Harper … succeeded only in building a “coalition” of conservativeContinue reading “A not quite so big tent?”