Another military muddle

Murray Brewster reports on the CBC News website that "Negotiations over the use of a Canadian military transport plane by United Nations peacekeepers in Africa are deadlocked and it now appears unlikely the Liberal government will be able to deliver on the pledge before next year — perhaps before the next election ... [and] ... The … Continue reading Another military muddle

Another view

It is no secret, I am sure, that I have scant regard for US President Donald J Trump. I think he is a bully, a semi-literate buffoon, and a braggart whose limited successes in business have come, largely, at the hands of lenient bankruptcy courts. I think he is a symptom of a deep socio-political … Continue reading Another view

Defending Canada in other ways

The media is starting to fill up with articles exhorting us to boycott US made products and telling us how to do that. It's likely to be harder than it looks for most Canadian consumers, but there are a couple of things the Government of Canada can do, quite legally and properly, to "stick it … Continue reading Defending Canada in other ways

Climate change (2): Gift wrapping our garbage

So, this CBC News article caught my eye; it discusses the recycling dilemma: We want to encourage (almost) everyone to recycle as much as possible; but The companies that recycle things like paper and plastics are setting more strict standards for the quality of trash they will accept because they are being subjected to more … Continue reading Climate change (2): Gift wrapping our garbage