A Three Ocean Navy

Over on Army.ca (there’s an identical (in content) Navy.ca, too, if you prefer blue), there’s an interesting new discussion based on a recent article published by the Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC). It raises an important issue for Canadians. Canada is a three ocean country … … and Canada needs a three ocean Navy.Continue reading “A Three Ocean Navy”

Exactly back-asswards

I see, in a report in The Guardian, that former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown “has urged world leaders to create a temporary form of global government to tackle the twin medical and economic crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic … [and] … The former Labour prime minister, who was at the centre of the international effortsContinue reading “Exactly back-asswards”

Nuclear submarines

Dear readers: it’s not that I am unconcerned with the COVID-19 virus and its impacts, the plural really does matter, on our lives, it’s just that I have nothing useful to add to the discussion. I ask you all to follow the recommendations given to us by medical professionals.  So, to go on about somethingContinue reading “Nuclear submarines”

Where are we? (5)

I have been worrying about Canada’s sovereignty over the Arctic for some years now. Now I see a report by Levon Sevunts of RCI (Radio Canada International) which says that “2019 marked a busy shipping season in the Canadian Arctic with 27 ships making a full transit through the Northwest Passage, according to statistics releasedContinue reading “Where are we? (5)”

Let’s have a defence policy debate

About a week ago the Toronto Sun opined, in an editorial, that “These past four years have seen a significant number of headlines that involve our defence priorities and the Canadian Armed Forces, yet politicians shy away from drawing any further attention to the issues … [but] … That ought to change. We need to haveContinue reading “Let’s have a defence policy debate”

For the climate change deniers

OK, folks, especially you my Neandercon friends, you know who you are, this is from Fox News, so it cannot be “fake news,” right? This, specifically, is a NASA video showing what’s been happening to the Arctic ice cap over the past several years. Starting at about 1’15” the video show the months and years from MayContinue reading “For the climate change deniers”

Stupidity of the worst sort

David Pugliese, writing in his blog Defence Watch, says that “New submarines won’t be part of the future mix for the Royal Canadian Navy, at least in the foreseeable future.“ “Several years ago,” he writes, “there were some suggestions that a possible replacement for the Victoria-class submarines might be in the works. In 2017 aContinue reading “Stupidity of the worst sort”

Very interesting …

There is a very interesting article in the South China Morning Post which says that “While the eyes of the world have been on the strategic tussle between Beijing and Washington in the South China Sea, Chinese scientists, with the help of the Canadian authorities, have succeeded in positioning four monitoring devices in waters justContinue reading “Very interesting …”

Doing the right things

Yesterday I talked about four strategic priorities that should guide Canada’s defence policies through to about 2050. They are: Containing and reducing threats to global peace and security by helping to maintain alliances like NATO and  groupings like AUSCANNZUKUS and supporting global peacemaking and peacekeeping efforts, even the generally worthless United Nations efforts; Confronting currentContinue reading “Doing the right things”

Doing what’s needed

One of my old friends, commenting to another equally old friend on social media, said this: “Surely, the PM and his government must see the obvious — that as the oceans warm and the ice melts the Northwest Passage becomes navigable year round. He’s been sounding off about climate change ad nauseum so that wouldContinue reading “Doing what’s needed”