Refugees and the wrong Canada

Lloyd Axworthy and Paul Heinbecker, both of whom have extensive experience representing Canada in world affairs, both of who are almost rabid "fans" of the United Nations, and both of who are nearly charter members of the Laurentian Elites, have penned a thoughtful article in the Globe and Mail which is headlined: "Canada should take … Continue reading Refugees and the wrong Canada

Getting it right (2)

So, according to several media reports, Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and US Defence Secretary Jame "Mad Dog" Mattis, hit it off like two old army buddies. I'm a wee bit of a fan of General (ret'd) Mattis, in fact I would be a much, much happier man if he, not Donald Trump, was President … Continue reading Getting it right (2)

Some things the Defence Review might consider (4): Expeditionary Forces

I started, a few days ago, with a list of 11 capabilities that I believe must be core components of Canada's defence policy. They are: A structure to collect and collate information, from all sources and from all over the world and provide useful strategic intelligence to the cabinet and operational intelligence to departments and agencies; A … Continue reading Some things the Defence Review might consider (4): Expeditionary Forces

A foreign policy BZ for Justin Trudeau

According to a report by Terry Glavin in the National Post, in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's new 'official Ottawa' "a full-bore free trade deal with the Chinese regime is on the table, along with the proposition that Canada should back China’s admission into the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement ..." Now, the rest of the article makes it … Continue reading A foreign policy BZ for Justin Trudeau

A Pacific Strategy

When I wrote, just yesterday, about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's seemingly unfocused views on grand strategy and the dilemma he confronts of being advised, on the one hand, to prepare for a big war against a near peer enemy or, on the other hand, to prepare, at equally high costs, for a long, long asymmetrical war … Continue reading A Pacific Strategy