Everyman (again) on the Middle East (again)

The "quality" press is full of interesting and useful; articles that try to help us make some sense of the situations (there are many) in the Middle East: The Economist reports on the unravelling of the ceasefire in Syria and on Saudi Arabia's domestic problems with its own "game of thrones;" meanwhile the Financial Times explains the … Continue reading Everyman (again) on the Middle East (again)

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to (where?) we go … aimlessly

So, the Canadian Ministry of Liberal Propaganda tells us that four ministers went to the RCAF base in Bagotville to tell us that we are sending $450 million to the UN and up to 600 people, most, one presumes, will be military members (but some reports suggest it is 600 military plus 150 police), somewhere ~ we … Continue reading Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to (where?) we go … aimlessly

Dealing with China

So, Justin Trudeau is off to China: I have argued, before, that a free(er) trade deal with China is in everyone's better interests, but then I also argue that free(er) trade, in general, is in everyone's better interests, so why would China be different? Well, China is different ... we, most of us, don't understand … Continue reading Dealing with China

Time to start governing?

Major General (retired) Lewis MacKenzie, a Canadian officer with considerable experience in UN peacekeeping offers some unsolicited advice to Team Trudeau in an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail:  "If we really want to help make the world a better place," he says "Canada should forget the obsession about obtaining an expensive temporary seat … Continue reading Time to start governing?

Is anything outrageous?

Michel Rempel, who, in my opinion, should be running to lead the Conservative Party of Canada ~ because she is, inter alia, young, smart, socially moderate, tough on crime and terror, telegenic, fiscally conservative, and media savvy ~ is outraged by the most recent terrorist attack, this one on a church in France. She is … Continue reading Is anything outrageous?

Now this should be interesting …

The Financial Times says of Prime Minister May's appointment of Boris Johnson to be Britain's Foreign Secretary, "Mr Johnson’s appointment as foreign secretary ... is the most eye-catching of the Brexit cabinet moves. It puts foreign policy in the hands of a man rarely described as diplomatic ... His appointment will cause bewilderment in chancelleries around the … Continue reading Now this should be interesting …

Massive fail: time for a course correction

The Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and TradeAgreement (CETA) was negotiated, initially, by the Paul Martin government, starting in 2004, with the framework for a new Canada-EU Trade and Investment Enhancement Agreement (TIEA). The Stephen Harper government did not miss a step when the government changed and officials announced the launch of negotiations in May 2009 at the … Continue reading Massive fail: time for a course correction

A different ship

I have discussed ships more than once, mostly regarding the affordability factor. Now another proposal has surfaced: one I have to say that, as presented, is ill considered. Over on the Canadian American Strategic Review website contributor Steve Daly suggests that the Royal Canadian Navy needs a hospital ship. Mr Daly suggests that Davie, in … Continue reading A different ship

Exploiting Liberal weakness: Foreign Policy ~ going down the wrong path

In a column in the Ottawa Citizen, Michael den Tandt deals, briefly with the issue of charisma: who's got it? Justin Trudeau, Kevin O'Leary and Michelle Rempel, he says. Who hasn't got quite so much? Peter MacKay and Rona Ambrose, in his opinion. But his main point is to encourage Conservatives to get out there … Continue reading Exploiting Liberal weakness: Foreign Policy ~ going down the wrong path

First year, mid-term results

David Akin, writing in the Toronto Sun, provides a "mid-term" report card on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some of his ministers. He gives the PM (and PMO) an A+ for style and process, and I agree. But because of some real weakness of policy he lowers the overall grade to a B, which is … Continue reading First year, mid-term results