But that may prove impossible.

John Ibitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, suggests that Justin Trudeau might want to try what former diplomat, national strategic planner in the Privy Council Office,  and commentator David Mulroney refers to (on social media) as… … “the “Ostrich” school of Canadian foreign policy.”  It has, he says,  two pillars: First, “Canada has noContinue reading “But that may prove impossible.”

Let’s have a defence policy debate

About a week ago the Toronto Sun opined, in an editorial, that “These past four years have seen a significant number of headlines that involve our defence priorities and the Canadian Armed Forces, yet politicians shy away from drawing any further attention to the issues … [but] … That ought to change. We need to haveContinue reading “Let’s have a defence policy debate”

Military recruiting and retention

Lee Berthiaume, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that “The Canadian Forces are considering whether to recruit elite special-forces soldiers straight off the street rather than forcing them to follow the traditional route of first spending several years in the military … [and] … The idea, which is still being debated, comes as Canada’s specialContinue reading “Military recruiting and retention”

The American Empire

Two things caught my eye the other day. First was this post on social media from the respected American diplomat and commentator Richard Haas: My ‘world’ was, mostly, defined by those decades when US policy was, I thought, defined by the Truman Doctrine which endured, albeit often largely ignored, from the late 1940s until, IContinue reading “The American Empire”

Doing the right things

Yesterday I talked about four strategic priorities that should guide Canada’s defence policies through to about 2050. They are: Containing and reducing threats to global peace and security by helping to maintain alliances like NATO and  groupings like AUSCANNZUKUS and supporting global peacemaking and peacekeeping efforts, even the generally worthless United Nations efforts; Confronting currentContinue reading “Doing the right things”

Future wars (10): Good advice from the Pentagon

It must be pretty obvious to those who follow this blog that I take a lot of what comes out of Washington with many grains of salt, but General Mark Milley, Chief of Staff of the United States Army, has some good advice for Americans and Canadians, too, for soldiers, for citizens and for politicalContinue reading “Future wars (10): Good advice from the Pentagon”

Special Forces

OK, two things came to mind as I read this article by David Pugliese in the National Post: First: it (Liberal defence policy) is all about window dressing, buttons and bows and so on, but then, so from 2012 to 2015, was Conservative defence policy; and Second: increasing the size of our Special Forces withoutContinue reading “Special Forces”