Propaganda, but true …

This video … … at < > is pure propaganda. It is made by a group that supports Hong Kong independence and is avidly anti-Chinese Communist Party. That doesn’t make what is says either incorrect or anti-Chinese. A far as I can tell it is factually correct … biased, to be sure, but notContinue reading “Propaganda, but true …”

A couple of useful ideas

Robyn Urback, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that “Earlier this week, when he was asked about his country’s systematic persecution of its Muslim minorities, China’s ambassador to Canada told a room full of security experts in Ottawa a brazen lie … [he said that] … “There’s nothing like concentration camps in China or particularlyContinue reading “A couple of useful ideas”

The 5G dilemma

In the midst of the turmoil caused by climate-activists shutting down important parts of the Canadian economy, and Justin Trudeau’s ongoing failure to even try to act like a grownup, much less like a leader, other issues are liable to be forgotten. But, I see, according to an article in the Globe and Mail, thatContinue reading “The 5G dilemma”

Neat and cool and important, too

The digital newsletter Breaking Defense published this report, a few days ago, on 21 Nov: “Warships from several NATO allies tracked and knocked down ballistic missile targets from the sea for the first time sharing targeting information across a shared alliance network … [that, alone, is significant; planners and engineers have been talking about this since theContinue reading “Neat and cool and important, too”


This story, by Stephen Chase and Robert Fife, in the Globe and Mail, is troubling on two levels: First, it exposes what I believe to be a key issue in the US vs. China struggle: the danger posed (or not) by Huawei to the global (or maybe not so global) 5G initiative; and Second, itContinue reading “Troubling”

Let’s have a defence policy debate

About a week ago the Toronto Sun opined, in an editorial, that “These past four years have seen a significant number of headlines that involve our defence priorities and the Canadian Armed Forces, yet politicians shy away from drawing any further attention to the issues … [but] … That ought to change. We need to haveContinue reading “Let’s have a defence policy debate”

Military command, control and communications

Caveat lector: First, I have been retired from the Canadian Army for longer than more than ¼ of all living Canadians have even been alive; many things have changed since I served. On the other hand I was, some may think I still am, something of an expert on the management and use of theContinue reading “Military command, control and communications”

Future wars (12): “Modern victory is won and lost in the information space, not on the physical battlefield”

The Economist runs a series called ‘Open Future‘ which they describe as “A global conversation on the role of markets, technology and freedom in the 21st century.” Recently they featured a book excerpt by Sean McFate, a former American Army officer, and mercenary (private military contractor) and now a scholar (at the National Defense UniversityContinue reading “Future wars (12): “Modern victory is won and lost in the information space, not on the physical battlefield””

A little common sense

Barrie McKenna, writing in the Globe and Mail, last week, offers some common sense on how to proceed during the current freeze in Sino-Canadian relations. He opens his piece with some anecdotes about both Canadian private and public sector delays or withdrawals from the Chinese market and he says, and I agree, fully, that “RetreatingContinue reading “A little common sense”

Urban warfare, war in megacities ~ getting it all wrong?

A few months ago I wrote a series of pieces about the nature of war in the future; one article was about urban warfare. Now I see a very interesting article in Signal, the journal of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) (which is a sort of professional association for military communication andContinue reading “Urban warfare, war in megacities ~ getting it all wrong?”