Irish unity?

Ever since the Brexit became a reality (when Boris Johnson won a solid majority), I have wondered about the fates of Ireland and Scotland. Now, The Economist has taken up the issue in an article in the most recent edition. “For most of the century since Ireland gained independence from Britain,” the article says, “controlContinue reading “Irish unity?”

A crisis of governance

I have been arguing for some time that liberalism, and with it democracy, are under stress. I see the stressors coming from two directions: From autocrats like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping; and From populists ~ Donald J Trump being their frontman. But Thomas Carothers of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, writing in ForeignContinue reading “A crisis of governance”

Some fallout from the UK election (2): Separatism

I see an interesting piece on the BCC News website by Sarah Smith, the Scotland Editor,* in which she says that Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister (premier) of Scotland and leader of the separatist Scottish National Party, says that while “she won’t pretend that every single person who voted SNP necessarily supports independence … sheContinue reading “Some fallout from the UK election (2): Separatism”