The only logical conclusion

Bill C-48 is described, by the Senate of Canada as: Why is the North coast of BC more important than, say, Quebec or Atlantic Canada? Ron Wallace, a fellow at the independent, non-partisan Canadian Global Affairs Institute asked that question in an opinion piece in the Calgary Herald late last year. He cited data from Clear … Continue reading The only logical conclusion

A full-course meal

Colin Robertson, a former Canadian diplomat (1977-2010) and, currently, Vice President and Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, says, in an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail, that "Tweets and soundbites," both much loved by Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland, "are the fast food of communicating policy. Like news releases, they are frequent but mostly … Continue reading A full-course meal

The Trudeau train wreck

So, a day ago, I saw this on CBC News: "CN Rail is working to clean up an oil leak after nearly 40 train cars carrying crude oil derailed near a village in western Manitoba early Saturday morning ... [the report says that] ... CN crews are responding to the derailment, which occurred at 3:30 a.m. Saturday … Continue reading The Trudeau train wreck

How to mend relations with China

This is the first of two posts about China and the ongoing Sino-American trade war and the dilemma this has created for Canada. This deals, mainly, with the Sino-Canadian imbroglio. The second, dealing with the Sino-American trade war, follows, tomorrow. It is rather sad to say that most of the US led, liberal-democratic, Western world … Continue reading How to mend relations with China

He’s got it exactly right

Thomas Walkom, writing in the Toronto Star, gets it 100% right when he tells the story of "Rahaf Mohammed ... [the] ... 18-year-old Saudi wants to escape the constraints of her family, her native country and her religion." He tells the story, somewhat improbably in places, of how the young lady, despite being, she claims, … Continue reading He’s got it exactly right

Just a thought (5): What happens next in the Middle East?

This is the fifth of five of my 'thoughts' on diverse strategic issues in the first 10 days of 2019. Well, one was related to the state of democracy in Canada, that's not exactly a matter of great strategic import but it should be of concern to some of us. Look at these maps, please: … Continue reading Just a thought (5): What happens next in the Middle East?

Stop spouting nonsense, Mr Scheer!

I'm sure everyone knows that I am, as John Ivison described Erin O'Toole, pretty much a rock-ribbed Conservative and have been since the 1960s, I really, really want the Conservative Party of Canada to unseat Justin Trudeau's Liberals next year. I want Andrew Scheer to lead an adult team in parliament and set Canada on … Continue reading Stop spouting nonsense, Mr Scheer!