Tip of the iceberg

It is tempting to overreact to Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s latest “fiscal folly:” another case in which, as CBC News puts it, he, actually Canada, “is still staring at a horizon awash in red ink, with no forecasted return to a balanced budget.” The Economist says that, thanks to Jean Chrétien and Stephen Harper, “Canada hasContinue reading “Tip of the iceberg”

Michelle Rempel?

A group (based in Montreal, I think) calling itself “Elect Conservatives in 2019,” has just tweeted “I want @MichelleRempel to be the next leader of the Conservative Party! Retweet If You Agree.“ Ms Rempel is young, socially progressive, telegenic, active in the House and on social media … can she be the one to unseatContinue reading “Michelle Rempel?”

Conscription? … only for a few?

Since there is, currently, thanks to Dr Kellie Leitch, so much debate about Canadian values I thought I would ask Conservatives what they think about this? The linked story, from the National Post, says that two well known ethicists (Udo Schucklenk of Queens University and Julian Savulescu of Oxford University) have proposed, in articles inContinue reading “Conscription? … only for a few?”

Values, again … Main Street vs Bay Street

We all know these places … … they are where we were raised and they are where the core values of the Conservative Party were born and raised, too. Values like respect for others, hard work, independence, individualism, cooperation, sharing, tolerance and thrift. But, increasingly, Canadians live and work here … … but many ofContinue reading “Values, again … Main Street vs Bay Street”

Liberty ~ liberal ~ Liberal ~ Libertarian

It’s funny how words trip us up. Back around 50 or 60 years ago a bunch of intellectually lazy Americans who were interested in smaller government and lower taxes and a better, more efficient and effective military, decided that the “progressive,” North-Eastern, ivy league, New Dealer, entitled, elites, which would have included former presidential contenders EstesContinue reading “Liberty ~ liberal ~ Liberal ~ Libertarian”

Some random thoughts on the 2019 election

Take a good look at these two images:   Now look at these two:   What happened? First the Liberals turned both orange (NDP) and blue (Conservative) provinces to Liberal red. We, Conservatives, only “lost” 200,000 voters (down to 5,613,614 votes in 2015 (31.9% of the popular vote) from 5,832,401 (39.6%) in 2011) and my guessContinue reading “Some random thoughts on the 2019 election”

Grassroots optimism, on balance

I wondered, in the days leading up to the CPC Convention if we were going to see grassroots anger, or grassroots optimism.  On balance, the media and I seem to agree, we saw mostly optimism and confidence in the future, and lots of openness, respectful and mature debate and pride in what the CPC hasContinue reading “Grassroots optimism, on balance”

My conservatism (social libertarianism)

Theres’s an interesting five minute long video on YouTube, posted by a group called The Progressive Canadian Voice, which says that the upcoming Conservative Party of Canada convention will be “a showdown on same-sex marriage.” The Video: Singles out the Campaign Life Coalition as the driving force behind the faction that wants to ban same-sexContinue reading “My conservatism (social libertarianism)”