Put principles first

Two items in the Globe and Mail caught my eye: In the first, Gary Mason asks “Does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government really dislike Alberta and the West or is this just a convenient narrative, peddled by conservative politicians who have nothing but their own self-interest in mind?” He goes on to discuss theContinue reading “Put principles first”

The gift that keeps on giving (2)

Just when one thought that the Trudeau Liberals may have gone a week or so without being a major embarrassment to those who voted fo them, the CBC News reports that “As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to vow that the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion “will be built,” his government’s summer jobs program is funding aContinue reading “The gift that keeps on giving (2)”

Some good news for the Liberal Party

There is an interesting article, albeit a somewhat discouraging one for Conservatives, in the Hill Times, which says that polling (done before the Indian fiasco) indicates that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s personal approval rating has dropped nearly 10 points since last May, but the Liberal Party of Canada has yet to take a hit, pollingContinue reading “Some good news for the Liberal Party”

2019 (11): Filling the gap

There is a very useful article by David Coletto, CEO of ABACUS Data, about a presentation he gave to the recent Manning Networking Conference here in Ottawa entitled: “The next 10%: Reflections and data on how the Conservatives can grow.“ The article explains that while the most recent ABACUS Data polls show this … …Continue reading “2019 (11): Filling the gap”

2019 (10): 2018 is a critical year

Before I get to the topic of why 2018 matters, I suppose I should comment on the past week’s news, especially “Bloody Sunday” in Toronto and the impact of #MeToo. First, let me say that I agree with and support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: the women coming forward are brave and they must be supported,Continue reading “2019 (10): 2018 is a critical year”

2019 (9): Rights and Freedoms

What a silly, immature, puffed up young twerp we (some of us, anyway) elected to be our prime minister. As John Ibbitson points out in an article in the Globe and Mail, “Thousands of student summer-job grants, along with a brand-new community-service program, have been rendered unavailable to organizations and people of faith, thanks toContinue reading “2019 (9): Rights and Freedoms”

The new Ontario

I know there are a lot of people out there who are of a nature that an old friend describes as ‘NeanderCons‘ and they are deeply opposed, on principle I hasten to add, to Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown and to the platform he has put in place. But they are wrong, and ChrisContinue reading “The new Ontario”

The ‘identitarians’ attack liberalism

There is an article in a conservative/libertarian on-line journal called The Federalist that is headlined: “Signs Liberalism’s Slow Suicide Is Finally Complete.” The author, conservative journalist Robert Tracinski makes a stab at tying modern progressivism all the way back to John Stuart Mill in 19th century England but I’m not really sure that he understand theContinue reading “The ‘identitarians’ attack liberalism”

Jumping ship?

Is Brad Trost getting ready to jump ship? The failed CPC leadership candidate ~ he finished a credible 4th ~ who was, conspicuously, left out of the Conservative shadow cabinet, has now taken the Conservative Party of Canada to court, asking, the linked article says, “an Ontario court to compel the party to return theContinue reading “Jumping ship?”

2019 (1)

So, here were are in the dog days of summer … the Calgary Stampede is over and done, the prime minister made a last minute, short, tightly controlled appearance , but Andrew Scheer seemed to have had more fun, and politicians are, mostly, home, doing some important constituency work, reconnecting with local voters and local issuesContinue reading “2019 (1)”