Andrew Scheer is right

In an article in the Globe and Mail which, given the headline ~ “Trudeau defends Canada’s new peacekeeping plan” ~ seems to suggest that the prime minister’s new peacekeeping “plan” (which may not be the really appropriate word for this smelly mess of political pottage)  is receiving less than rave reviews, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer…… Continue reading Andrew Scheer is right

Land forces

I said, yesterday, that: “I’m going to write, for a few days, on how I believe Canada can (because it has the resources) and should (if it has the will) establish, maintain and use its military forces and ancillary service, too … [and] …  The structure I am going to describe will require a lot more…… Continue reading Land forces

How to destroy the Conservative Party

Robin Sears, a long time NDP strategist, has penned an interesting article in the Toronto Star. In it he says that “So, for Canada, here is the good news. If enough Conservatives have taken sufficient leave of their senses as to choose O’Leary as their new leader, they will have hired an entertaining opposition comedian,…… Continue reading How to destroy the Conservative Party

Another Look at Defence and Foreign Policy

Steve Pakin had an interesting chat on TVO’s The Agenda, with Hugh Segal, former senator, former chief of staff to Prime Minister Mulroney and Ontario premier Bill Davis and, currently, Master of Massey College at the University of Toronto, about his new book, “Two Freedoms,” (Toronto, 2016) which I have not yet read. Mr Segal…… Continue reading Another Look at Defence and Foreign Policy

Rethinking missile defence

There is a good, informative article in the National Post suggesting that part of remit of the Defence Review will be to reconsider Canadian participation in continental missile defence. It would be a very good move ~ and Prime Minister Trudeau and Defence Minister Sajjan are to be commended to considering it ~ IF the…… Continue reading Rethinking missile defence