Illegal migration

I have not revisited one of my major complaints about Justin Trudeau's Liberal regime ~ illegal migrants ~ for a while, but this item, by Mike Armstrong on Global News, brings me back to it. "A Nigerian sex offender who crossed into Canada at Roxham Road is appealing his extradition to the U.S. on the grounds he … Continue reading Illegal migration

The wrong message

This billboard ...  ... is provoking some controversy in Canada, not least because, while it features Maxime Bernier and his People's Party logo, that party denies putting it up. In fact, as one can see by the text at the bottom, it as put there ~ several appeared across Canada ~ by the True North … Continue reading The wrong message

He doesn’t get it

Welcome to August ... summer flies by so quickly, doesn't it? Soon, in less than three months, the leaves will have turned and we Canadians will be going to the polls. I see, in an article in Le Journal de Montréal, that "Le chef du Parti populaire, Maxime Bernier, promet d'installer une clôture sur le … Continue reading He doesn’t get it

Liberalism ‘has become obsolete.’ (Vladimir Putin, June 2019)

A team of Financial Times editors and reporters, Lionel Barber and Henry Foy in Moscow and Alex Barker in Osaka ... ... talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week. He is reported to have said that "“the liberal idea” had “outlived its purpose” as the public turned against immigration, open borders and multiculturalism ...[and] ... Mr Putin’s evisceration of liberalism — the dominant … Continue reading Liberalism ‘has become obsolete.’ (Vladimir Putin, June 2019)

The ‘Good Grey Globe’ gets it; so should the CPC

The Globe and Mail, in a recent editorial, published on 14 Apr 19, says "Canada needs immigrants. Canada needs secure borders. These may sound like contradictory claims; they are not. They go hand-in-hand." Bingo! The Globe and Mail editorial writers explain that "Over the past couple of weeks, the Trudeau Liberals have abruptly woken up … Continue reading The ‘Good Grey Globe’ gets it; so should the CPC

Trudeau, finally, tries to do the right thing, and it’s wrong for his base

"Lawyers and advocates who work directly with refugees," Teresa Wright of the Canadian Press reports in a piece copied on the CBC News website, "say they are dismayed by proposed changes to asylum laws included in the Liberals' new budget bill, calling them a devastating attack on refugee rights in Canada." The changes are in … Continue reading Trudeau, finally, tries to do the right thing, and it’s wrong for his base

Nationalism (3): populist poseurs

Professor Jan-Werner Müller of Princeton University, says, in the fourth of a series of articles on nationalism in Foreign Affairs, that "What the past few years have witnessed is not the rise of nationalism per se but the rise of one variant of it: nationalist populism. “Nationalism” and “populism” are often conflated, but they refer to different … Continue reading Nationalism (3): populist poseurs