Biden’s new world order?

As we get ready for what I assume will be an orderly transition, in January, to a Biden administration, assuming, as I do, that all the court challenges will have failed, it is instructive to look back to the Spring of this year when President-elect Biden wrote an essay for Foreign Affairs in which he…… Continue reading Biden’s new world order?

Warning (2)

Dr Andrew Erickson is a Professor of Strategy at the US Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island, where officers from the United States and around the world come to study maritime warfare. In a recent article, he says that “To the extent that any nation has a grand strategy, China surely does. The vision…… Continue reading Warning (2)

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Words of wisdom

You can, and everyone with an interest in the global strategic situation and, especially, the evolving relationship between America and China should watch/listen to and read Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore’s, address to the 2019 Shangri-la Dialogue. It stands, in my considered opinion, as a truly expert strategic survey of the current global situation…… Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Words of wisdom

A big idea

Yesterday I talked about two, interconnected, ideas that I want Andrew Scheer to pursue: building pipelines and re-equipping Canada’s military with Canadian made vehicles.  Now here’s another … Watch this short video, please. It shows the world’s GDP from 1960 until 2017 … you’ll see that the USA is consistently on the top and Canada is,…… Continue reading A big idea

Brexit and CANZUK

John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that “After all these years, after all that history, everything will be reversed. The United Kingdom will look to Canada, its former colony, for validation after Britain leaves the European Union … [of course, he adds, that is] … Assuming the chaotic mess at Westminster somehow…… Continue reading Brexit and CANZUK

Canada and free(er) trade with China and the world

This post follows on from yesterday’s (Cold War 2.0) because, a few related things caught my eye: First, an article in the Globe and Mail which says that “China is pushing Canada to resume stalled talks toward a free trade deal, days after Ottawa agreed to a new North American trade accord that critics argue…… Continue reading Canada and free(er) trade with China and the world

So, we are the enemy?

Laura Dawson, a Canadian academic, who is director of the Canada Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington, has written a thoughtful opinion piece for the Globe and Mail. As befits someone who has a deep and thorough interest in trade and commerce she focuses on the trade aspects of the current Canada~USA imbroglio. “But,” she…… Continue reading So, we are the enemy?

Good advice

Don Campbell, who is an Advisor at DLAPiper, a global law firm, and a former Deputy Minister of Trade, and Kevin Lynch, who is Vice Chair, BMO Financial Group, and a former Clerk of the Privy Council, have written a must read prescription for Canada’s government in the Globe and Mail. They focus on dealing…… Continue reading Good advice

Trade tactics

There seems to be some consensus emerging on two points: First, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pushed President Donald Trump too far. At the press conference winding up the G7 meeting  “Mr. Trudeau decided to take him on,” says Lawrence Marin in the Globe and Mail, “It backfired. In saying he wouldn’t be pushed around and…… Continue reading Trade tactics

Arrant nonsense

According to a report from Global News, “U.S. President Donald Trump injected fresh drama into an already tense meeting of the Group of Seven major industrialized nations Friday, calling for Russia, ousted for its the annexation of Crimea, to be reinstated … [and] … Trump made the comment at the White House Friday after hours…… Continue reading Arrant nonsense