A deeply flawed approach to a real problem

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, Marie-Claude Bibeau, Canada’s Minister of International Development, and Canada’s representative at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Jean-Nicolas Beuze have jointed penned (or, perhaps more accurately their staffs have written) an article in MacLean’s magazine that deals with a serious problem ~ refugees ~ and then offers pious, progressive platitudes instead ofContinue reading “A deeply flawed approach to a real problem”

Principles, Refugees, Responsibility and Will

Almost a year ago I wrote about what I see as the real challenge in the refugee policy domain: preventing people from having to flee their homes in fear, rather than figuring how where and how to settle them after they have fled. My answer, as you might expect, involved having a principled foreign policy,Continue reading “Principles, Refugees, Responsibility and Will”

Peacekeeping: a national value or a pointless waste of Canadian lives?

“We will have dead Canadians and frankly achieve nothing.” Dr. Jack Granatstein, Canadian Historian There is an interesting article in the Toronto Star in which two Canadian Historians, Walter Dorn and Jack Granatstein present differing views on the forthcoming peacekeeping mission. Professor Dorn is a well known proponent of peacekeeping operations in which we participate becauseContinue reading “Peacekeeping: a national value or a pointless waste of Canadian lives?”

Time to start governing?

Major General (retired) Lewis MacKenzie, a Canadian officer with considerable experience in UN peacekeeping offers some unsolicited advice to Team Trudeau in an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail:  “If we really want to help make the world a better place,” he says “Canada should forget the obsession about obtaining an expensive temporary seatContinue reading “Time to start governing?”

The Great Migration (2)

About six months ago I talked about the challenge that a new “great migration,” mainly from the Middle East and Africa, poses for Europe, especially, but also for Canada and the rest of the world. Now, The Economist newspaper has taken up the issue and reiterates the challenge this poses to Europe, in particular. TheContinue reading “The Great Migration (2)”