Doing things right

There is a very interesting article in the Globe and Mail about a proposed new housing development in Vancouver. The development is interesting on a number of levels, because: "Planners are looking at providing parking for only 10 per cent of the apartments, far below the usual minimum ... [because] ... reducing the amount of … Continue reading Doing things right

And still another ship proposal

There is a very interesting thread over on which begins with a post by Chris Pook, who often comments here, too, in which he wonders if we should not have a new ship conversion projects (à la converting the Asterix into a useful fleet support ship) to provide us with an 'Afloat Support Base' or … Continue reading And still another ship proposal

And yet another alternative view

Many Ontarians, especially those of a Conservative bent, are cheering the news that former Hydro One CEO Mayo Schmidt and the entire Hydro One board of directors have resigned. Doing something about electricity rate was a cornerstone of the Doug Ford campaign and this is an early check in the "promise made : promise kept" … Continue reading And yet another alternative view

Doing the least wrong thing for all the wrong reasons

So, it appears that the the Trudeau regime is going to be forced into some sort of Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme in order to complete the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion (TMX) project. According to a report in the Globe and Mail, "The Trudeau government is buying the Trans Mountain expansion project from Kinder Morgan … Continue reading Doing the least wrong thing for all the wrong reasons

Pipelines are just a symptom

There was a somewhat frightening article published, just a few days ago, on the BNN/Bloomberg website headlined: "Canada 'a laughing stock': Experts react to Trans Mountain indemnity." The "indemnity" is, of course, Finance Minister Bill Morneau's promise "to indemnify the project for politically-motivated delays and backstop any company that takes it on." That, alone, scares … Continue reading Pipelines are just a symptom

The wrong answer

As much as I really want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to succeed, for Canada's sake, in getting the Kinder Morgan/Trans Mountain pipeline pushed through to completion, I believe that he has picked the wrong way to try ... First, I believe that he needed to find some way to give Premier Horgan a graceful way … Continue reading The wrong answer