Hmmm … (2)

I see an article in the Toronto Star, coauthored by Zanana Akande, a former NDP member of the Ontario Legislature, Hugh Segal, a former Progressive Conservative strategist and Senator, and Greg Sorbara, a former Liberal member of the Ontario Legislature and a minister in the cabinets of David Peterson and Dalton McGuinty … … in […]

The truth will out … and it will hurt

The Globe and Mail reports that “The opposition parties are hoping to bring the WE Charity controversy back into focus with the resumption of key House of Commons committees this week … [because] … Studies on the matter were silenced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to prorogue Parliament in August and, since the return […]

A timely question

Radio and TV personality Evan Solomon asks a good question in this clip from 580CFRA radio. The Kielburgers, he notes are neither newcomers nor naifs. Mark Kielburger is a Rhodes Scholar and Craig Kielburger has, he say, “been rubbing shoulders with politicians since he was 12 years old.” They have, Mr Solomon says, been selling […]


The Globe and Mail, in an editorial, says that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prorogued Parliament last month, thereby shutting down committee hearings into the controversy surrounding his government’s close ties with WE Charity, and how the charity was awarded a lucrative contract to administer the Canada Student Service Grant … [and, it appears that] … […]

Quid pro quo

A few weeks ago I speculated that Bardish Chagger was being set up to be the “fall gal” for the WE Charity scandal. I was spectacularly wrong about Bill Morneau being bomb-proof ~ the Prime Minister’s Office dropped the MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) on him as they tried to change the channel away from […]