Time to start governing

John Ibbitson, a very astute and well connected political commentator, writing in the Globe and Mail, sees five challenges for Prime Minister Trudeau this fall: “The most urgent priority is to produce a concrete plan to fight global warming. On this all-important file, time is running out. The annual gathering of countries to review effortsContinue reading “Time to start governing”

A not quite so big tent?

I think I have been pretty consistent over the months I have been writing here in advocating, again and again, for a big tent party. Now, in an opinion piece in the Toronto Star, Prime Minister Harper’s former communications director, Angelo Persichilli, argues that: Prime Minister “Stephen Harper … succeeded only in building a “coalition” of conservativeContinue reading “A not quite so big tent?”

First Nations, again

Several months ago I commented on something Tony Clement and Brian Lee Crowley said about “reaching out to First Nations.” Then, just yesterday, I said that First Nations will not be satisfied with the upcoming flurry of inquiries and studies and well meaning reports. In today’s Globe and Mail, Brian Gable, in an editorial cartoon,Continue reading “First Nations, again”

Sorry CPC, but I cannot fake enough outrage

I see, on social media, HUGE amounts of scorn being heaped on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals for having a cabinet meeting at a resort in Alberta. I’m apologize, especially to leaders of the CPC, but I cannot fake enough outrage to join in. First: of course, we (you) did it too. It,Continue reading “Sorry CPC, but I cannot fake enough outrage”

Dishonest nonsense

As if my earlier examples were not enough evidence that Prime Minister Trudeau’s “climate change is all that matters” agenda is doing real, measurable damage to Canada, I see, in this morning’s Financial Post, a report that “Malaysia’s Petronas is frustrated that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s climate-change priorities are introducing new uncertainty for its proposedContinue reading “Dishonest nonsense”

More home truths

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a “home truth” as: “a ​true but ​unpleasant ​fact about yourself that another ​person ​tells you.“ A couple of months ago I commented on a newspaper column by Gwyn Morgan, a distinguished Canadian business executive, that had some “home truths” for Canada. Two things caught my eye yesterday: Another newspaper column byContinue reading “More home truths”