One set of rules …

This story, on CBC News, caught my eye. It explains that “According to Toronto’s ‘Use of City Resources During an Election Period Policy,‘ city facilities and infrastructure can’t be used for any election-related purpose by a candidate, registered third-party advertiser or political party. It also prohibits signs from being “erected or displayed” on or beside aContinue reading “One set of rules …”

A brief history of Trudeau-Liberal sleaze

I know I’m beating this Team Trudeau/SNC-Lavalin/Jody Wilson-Raybould scandal to death, but, even after the shocking resignation of Jane Philpott, it needs to be seen in a broader context, and Erin O’Toole, the Conservative shadow foreign minister, has provided, on social media, a brief but comprehensive history of the Trudeau regime’s ongoing interference with theContinue reading “A brief history of Trudeau-Liberal sleaze”

The “ineptocracy”

William Robson, who is the CEO of the highly regarded C.D. Howe Institute, writes in the Financial Post that “Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau and economist Jack Mintz debated Canada’s competitiveness for business investment in Wednesday’s FP Comment,. Morneau said Canada’s competitiveness is good, and showed a chart to support his view. Mintz said it is bad, and showedContinue reading “The “ineptocracy””

This will not end well

According to Daniel Leblanc, writing in the Globe and Mail, “Ottawa is set to launch pan-Canadian consultations on racism, a topic that has stirred controversy and divisions across the country in recent months.” Oh, oh, I fear that this is not going to end well … Mr Leblanc points out that “The exact form andContinue reading “This will not end well”

Some good news for the Liberal Party

There is an interesting article, albeit a somewhat discouraging one for Conservatives, in the Hill Times, which says that polling (done before the Indian fiasco) indicates that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s personal approval rating has dropped nearly 10 points since last May, but the Liberal Party of Canada has yet to take a hit, pollingContinue reading “Some good news for the Liberal Party”

2019(5) Khadr, Money, Muslims and the Ethnic Votes

A few weeks ago I suggested that ““Money and ethnic votes” came to define Jacques Parizeau … a $10.5 Million payoff and a formal apology to a terrorist should, equally, come to define Justin Trudeau.“ Andrew MacDougall, who was Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s communications director, says, in an article in MacLean’s, that while “A clearContinue reading “2019(5) Khadr, Money, Muslims and the Ethnic Votes”

Once again: not outraged … or “If wishes were horses”

I take note of the extreme high dudgeon with which many, many Canadians, especially conservative Canadians and Canadian veterans have greeted the news that Omar Khadr has received $10 Million or more and an official apology from the government. As the linked CBC News article suggests this is old news and was ever since “theContinue reading “Once again: not outraged … or “If wishes were horses””