Whither the SoCons?

Almost four years ago I suggested that there was room, on the Canadian political spectrum, for four national parties: Today’s NDP, with much better leadership, should, I suggested, be able to regularly win between 15 to 35 seats and even more, now and again; The centrist Liberal and the equally centrist Conservatives should, regularly, again,Continue reading “Whither the SoCons?”

Its time to put liberalism back in the Liberal Party of Canada

I self-identify as a classical liberal: please take a quick look at my site’s (longish) title just above. Liberals like me look back past the Glorious Revolution of 1688,  past Simon de Montfort’s Great Parliament in 1265, even past Aristotle and Plato, the origins of liberalism might go all the way back to the originalContinue reading “Its time to put liberalism back in the Liberal Party of Canada”

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Henry Kissinger reprises Margaret Thatcher

When I started these “Everyman’s” surveys it was because, as I said, the government’s “strategic survey’s are very highly classified and we, ordinary albeit concerned Canadians (concerned about our role and responsibilities in the world), will never see them … [but] … there is a lot of open source material which can, probably, give us aContinue reading “Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Henry Kissinger reprises Margaret Thatcher”

We need the NDP

OK, fellow Conservatives, let’s be honest with ourselves: The Liberals are, almost always, more popular than we are ~ it’s been that way for over 100 years, since Laurier. They, generally, get a bigger share of the vote and even when they don’t (1896, for example) they manage to win more seats. In the 120Continue reading “We need the NDP”