A new poll

The (somewhat right-centre biased) Angus Reid Institute has released a new poll which shows that "for Liberal candidates, a disastrous slide in support over the first half of the year appears to have ended, making this a critical – albeit shrinking – period of time to try to regroup and rebuild ... [and] ... Conservatives, meanwhile, will … Continue reading A new poll

“I have some decisions to make …” (The Honourable Jane Philpott, on the record (3))

Parliamentary reporter Gloria Galloway writes in the Globe and Mail that "Jane Philpott is assessing her political options after being told she is not wanted as a Liberal and says she could run as a candidate for the New Democrats or the Greens, or even as an independent, in the election next fall ... [and] … Continue reading “I have some decisions to make …” (The Honourable Jane Philpott, on the record (3))

Justin’s best friend?

Is federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's new best friend? Is Mr Singh's inept political performance, to date, going to weaken the New Democrats enough so that no matter what gains Andrew Scheer might make in the suburbs the Liberals will sweep back into power with another majority government? Pollster and … Continue reading Justin’s best friend?

If it’s true (2) and It’s about time (2)

Global News reporter Mercedes Stephenson tweets: If it is confirmed then it is about bloody time. Mr Sing has made, some analysts think, a serious strategic blunder by not seeking a seat in the House of Commons. I agree: the HoC is where Canadians expect to see politics done ... not at summer barbecues or … Continue reading If it’s true (2) and It’s about time (2)

Liberals and bell curves

Remember, a few years ago, when we all read about "The secret plot to destroy the Liberals"? Except it wasn't all that secret; the conventional wisdom was that Stephen Harper wanted something akin to the UK or US two party system wherein a solidly left wing NDP would compete, head to head, with a solidly … Continue reading Liberals and bell curves

Self inflicted wounds

Now that the Liberal Convention is over the media critiques begin. There is an interesting article in the Hill Times which cites an unnamed Liberal who said: "“Just look at the time since we formed government, you take out the self-inflicted wounds, we have done very well” ... [and] ...  This source and other Liberal sources … Continue reading Self inflicted wounds

Some good news for the Liberal Party

There is an interesting article, albeit a somewhat discouraging one for Conservatives, in the Hill Times, which says that polling (done before the Indian fiasco) indicates that "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s personal approval rating has dropped nearly 10 points since last May, but the Liberal Party of Canada has yet to take a hit, polling … Continue reading Some good news for the Liberal Party