Still more from the technoviking

Here, from his blog, Ramblings of the Technoviking, is more from my friend who is a seasoned infantry officer, currently serving in the USA. Yes again it is reproduced without further comment from me: ————————- Thursday, 16 June 2016 Letting the Cat out of the Bag In a previous blog, I wrote about the possibility…… Continue reading Still more from the technoviking

More from the Technoviking

My friend David Garvin, a Canadian infantry officer and a combat veteran currently serving in the USA and a man with some knowledge of current army doctrine and capabilities, posted this on his blog and I am reposting it without further comment: —————————— Thursday, 16 June 2016 Logistics! Logistics! Logistics! In a previous blog, I…… Continue reading More from the Technoviking


A lot of people, including the publishers of the influential German newsmagazine Der Spiegel are worried about a Brexit. The equally influential Financial Times reports that “Volatility in currency markets intensified and the pound came under renewed selling pressure late on Friday after a survey showed the British campaign to Leave the EU had opened…… Continue reading Brexit?

Back to Europe

A bit more than a week ago I quoted my friend the Technoviking who advocated for sending a full-up, big Canadian battle-group* to Eastern Europe for a long term tour of duty. Now, Lee Berthiaume, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, reports that “Ottawa has so far been giving “contradictory” signals …  “One day we hear…… Continue reading Back to Europe

Professionals study logistics …

A few months ago I discussed this … “Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics.” (Gen. Robert H. Barrow, USMC) … in the context of combat service support (logistical support for the Canadian Forces. I was thinking, back then, logistics and support at the national level but the problems and technical complexities of support,…… Continue reading Professionals study logistics …


There’s a problem with the Brexit debate in the UK. First: it is unbalanced, as KAL opines in an editorial cartoon in The Economist, one side is trying to explain while the other is trying to emote … … there are a handful of “out” campaigners trying to make an economic case, but, mostly it…… Continue reading Brexit

Defence Review (18) … the 2% solution

(Yes, this really is the 18th time I have commented on the Defence Review.) In an item on the CBC News website, retired US Navy Admiral James Stavridis, formerly NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, said that, “he agrees with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that non-U.S. allies need to step up to the plate and boost their military…… Continue reading Defence Review (18) … the 2% solution

Everyman’s Strategic Survey

An essential start point for any serious discussion of foreign and defence policies and, subsequently, any useful recommendations for, say, defence spending, is a strategic survey. I’m sure the Government of Canada has one … in fact I’m pretty sure it has at least four or five: There’s certainly one in Global Affairs Canada as…… Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey