A bit more good news

I see that the third in the series of Off-Shore Fisheries Science Vessels (OFSV 3) is now structurally complete ... ... the first two (CCGS Sir John Franklin and the future CCGS Capt. Jacques Cartier) are in the water, undergoing sea-trials or being fitted out. This is good news for two reasons: The National Shipbuilding … Continue reading A bit more good news

More about ships (My plan (4))

There is an interesting discussion, over in Army.ca, about the current "tanker war" in the Persian Gulf-Straits of Hormuz-Gulf of Oman region. One participant raises the very, very valid point that limited defence budgets mean that some countries (Britain and Canada come to mind very quickly) cannot afford large enough fleets of first-rate, general-purpose combat … Continue reading More about ships (My plan (4))

The federal government does the right thing …

Parliamentary Affairs reporter Daniel Leblanc, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that "The federal government will award a third of the work on $1.5-billion of maintenance contracts on its military frigates to the Davie shipyard in Quebec, cementing the shipyard’s anticipated partnership with two other firms on Canada’s national shipbuilding strategy, federal officials say … Continue reading The federal government does the right thing …

Conspiracy? I don’t think so.

Stephen Chase and Robert Fife, writing in the Globe and Mail, continue to harry the Trudeau regime over its dealings with big business. In this case, they report that "The federal government alerted New Brunswick’s Irving family that The Globe and Mail was seeking information from public servants about whether the family’s shipbuilding company had … Continue reading Conspiracy? I don’t think so.

More on the major warship contract

David Pugliese, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, says that "The Liberal government is pushing ahead to try to get the Canadian Surface Combatant deal signed with Irving and the Lockheed Martin-BAE consortium either Thursday or Friday, sources say ... [and, he adds] ... That $60 billion project will see the eventual construction of 15 warships in … Continue reading More on the major warship contract

More on supply ships

It's no secret, I hope, that I remain in favour of Project Resolve, the deal which delivered the MV Asterix to the Canadian Navy on time and on budget, and I have said before that I believe that our Navy needs four of these large supply/support ships, including a second ship, a sister to Asterix, … Continue reading More on supply ships

And still another ship proposal

There is a very interesting thread over on Army.ca which begins with a post by Chris Pook, who often comments here, too, in which he wonders if we should not have a new ship conversion projects (à la converting the Asterix into a useful fleet support ship) to provide us with an 'Afloat Support Base' or … Continue reading And still another ship proposal