The progressive reaction

Take a moment, please, to feel just a small a pang of pity for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: he went to Washington, into the very belly of the beast, and, by all accounts, acquitted himself very credibly. He did not, of course, commit any social gaffes, he didn’t, by even the slightest glance or gesture,Continue reading “The progressive reaction”

Getting it right (2)

So, according to several media reports, Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and US Defence Secretary Jame “Mad Dog” Mattis, hit it off like two old army buddies. I’m a wee bit of a fan of General (ret’d) Mattis, in fact I would be a much, much happier man if he, not Donald Trump, was PresidentContinue reading “Getting it right (2)”

The Anglosphere

A couple of days ago I commended Conservative MP and leadership candidate Erin O’Toole for advancing the notion that he would “advance a Canada-Australia-New Zealand-United Kingdom (CANZUK) trade pact that grants Canadians the right to live and work in there countries,” and, presumably, the other way around, too. He was doing so, he said, becauseContinue reading “The Anglosphere”

Getting it right

There is a very interesting and somewhat counterintuitive article by Scott Gilmore in MacLean’s headlined: “What if Trudeau became ‘The Trump Whisperer’?” The article is not really about Justin Trudeau, at all. In fact, he is never mentioned, by name, anywhere in it, except by the headline writer, and he is only referred to, directly, inContinue reading “Getting it right”

Assessing the risks

Chris Hall, of CBC News, reports that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is preparing to meet as early as this week with U.S. President Donald Trump, a visit intended to underscore the deep economic and security ties between the two countries … But it also carries substantial political risk.” Meanwhile, Susan Delacourt, writing in iPolitics, confirms thatContinue reading “Assessing the risks”

Adapt or die

Yesterday I quipped about Canada, and others, needing to be like small animals scurrying about while the elephants do battle, we need to be careful and nimble to avoid being trampled by the great, honking beasts. Now, in National Newswatch, Mike Blanchfield says that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have taken to Twitter this weekendContinue reading “Adapt or die”

Grand Strategy in the 21st Century

There is an excellent article in the January/February 2017 issue of Foreign Affairs by the distinguished American scholar Dr Joseph S Nye Jr, the author of Soft Power, headlined “Will the Liberal Order Survive? The History of an Idea.” It begins, in fact, with a very brief history of American grand strategy from the foundingContinue reading “Grand Strategy in the 21st Century”

Good for Team Trudeau

CTV News is reporting that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s top advisers have had about a dozen high-level meetings with President-elect Donald Trump’s most trusted officials, CTV News has learned … [and] … The two sides have met 10 or 12 times since the U.S. election, and as recently as Tuesday — a five-hour meeting between Trudeau’sContinue reading “Good for Team Trudeau”

All bets are off

There is a very useful article in the Winter 2016 issue of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute’s Dispatch by Randolph Mank headlined: Trump and Foreign Policy: All Bets Are Off. Randolph Mank highlights three areas in which he suggests that president elect Donal Trump will upset the Justin Trudeau ~ Stéphane Dion sunny and green worldContinue reading “All bets are off”

More good news

About ten days ago I suggested that, up to that point, President elect Donald Trump’s cabinet choices were good news, especially dipping into the large and deep talent pool at e.g. Goldman Sachs for cabinet officers. Now, the Globe and Mail, offers its views on the cabinet as selected to date. It is liberal viewContinue reading “More good news”