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... needed saying, by Andrew Scheer: "There's the door. You're not welcome here:" In a speech that made it clear that a Conservative government will not appeal to Maxime Bernier's mean and narrow vision of Canada, but will, also, close the loopholes, the ones that Justin Trudeau has ignored, that make unwelcome illegal migrants into … Continue reading This …

Michelle Rempel gets it

Michelle Rempel, the Conservative Party's point person on immigration, gets it 100% right when she said,  a couple of days ago, that "The principles and policies announced by our Parrty in August of last year were sound. We heard that Canadians want their immigration system to be managed in a fair, orderly and compassionate manner … Continue reading Michelle Rempel gets it

The ‘Good Grey Globe’ gets it; so should the CPC

The Globe and Mail, in a recent editorial, published on 14 Apr 19, says "Canada needs immigrants. Canada needs secure borders. These may sound like contradictory claims; they are not. They go hand-in-hand." Bingo! The Globe and Mail editorial writers explain that "Over the past couple of weeks, the Trudeau Liberals have abruptly woken up … Continue reading The ‘Good Grey Globe’ gets it; so should the CPC

Trudeau, finally, tries to do the right thing, and it’s wrong for his base

"Lawyers and advocates who work directly with refugees," Teresa Wright of the Canadian Press reports in a piece copied on the CBC News website, "say they are dismayed by proposed changes to asylum laws included in the Liberals' new budget bill, calling them a devastating attack on refugee rights in Canada." The changes are in … Continue reading Trudeau, finally, tries to do the right thing, and it’s wrong for his base

Leaders give, they do not take

In the earliest days of the blog I said that we should look to Louis St Laurent, a mid 20th century Liberal, as a model for modern Conservative political leaders. My point was that the Liberal Party that St Laurent led, in the 1950s, was fiscally prudent, healthily nationalistic, socially moderate, mildly, progressive, committed to national … Continue reading Leaders give, they do not take

Nationalism (3): populist poseurs

Professor Jan-Werner Müller of Princeton University, says, in the fourth of a series of articles on nationalism in Foreign Affairs, that "What the past few years have witnessed is not the rise of nationalism per se but the rise of one variant of it: nationalist populism. “Nationalism” and “populism” are often conflated, but they refer to different … Continue reading Nationalism (3): populist poseurs

Trade with, not aid to, Africa

Almost a week ago I wrote that "In my opinion the US led West needs to re-engage with Africa, especially, and, in different ways, with West and South West Asia and the Middle East, too. These regions are the source of the great migration which threatens, even more than China’s ‘rise,’ Russian opportunistic adventurism and Islamist terrorism, to … Continue reading Trade with, not aid to, Africa