Trade wars cut both ways

I see, in the South China Morning Post that “Airbus secured a US$35 billion jet deal from China during a state visit by President Xi Jinping to the French capital, dealing a fresh blow to Boeing as it grapples with the grounding of its bestselling [737-MAX] jet … [and] … China has become the mostContinue reading “Trade wars cut both ways”

Is there any good news for anyone?

There is a lengthy and data filled article on the Angus Reid Institute web site ~ published before Jody Wilson-Raybould’s bombshell testimony ~ which says that “As political watchers across the country await with bated breath testimony from former Attorney General and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, the latest public opinion poll from the non-profit AngusContinue reading “Is there any good news for anyone?”

Populism and the Canadian ‘Precariat’

I have written, perhaps too often, about my fears for the future of the liberal-democratic, capitalist, secular and rules based “new world order” that was created by the men who worked for and around US Presidents Roosevelt and Truman and British Prime Minister Churchill … one of those men was Canada’s Louis St Laurent, firstContinue reading “Populism and the Canadian ‘Precariat’”

Oh what a tangled web (2)

So, the Globe and Mail (and almost everyone else) reports “General Motors is shuttering its plant in Oshawa as part of a restructuring of its global operations to focus on autonomous and zero-emission vehicles … [and] … Two sources, who were briefed on General Motors’ plan, said the Oshawa plant will be completely closed down. ThoseContinue reading “Oh what a tangled web (2)”

Undemocratic liberalism and the elitist oligarchs

In a thoughtful and provocative article in the Financial Times, Martin Wolf, a highly regarded British financial journalist and commentator who seems troubled by the same things that worry me, reviews some of the problems facing liberal democracy today and, quotes Yascha Mounk of Harvard University who says that “both “undemocratic liberalism” and “illiberal democracy”Continue reading “Undemocratic liberalism and the elitist oligarchs”

A liberal manifesto

The Economist, which is one of my favourite newspapers, is celebrating 175 years of publication; it does so, in part, with a ‘lead’ in the 15 September issue, headlined: “A manifesto for renewing liberalism.” Now, regular readers will know that the rather sorry state of classical Anglo-American liberalism, which I regard as central to theContinue reading “A liberal manifesto”

An American heroine

A participant over on says “You know that you live in a new age of politics when the president and the porn star is a non issue.“ Well, maybe not … The Economist says that “There are three big reasons for Ms Clifford’s [Stephanie Clifford is stripper Stormy Daniel’s real name] effectiveness as aContinue reading “An American heroine”

Tax tales: More bad news for Andrew Scheer

According to an article in the Toronto Sun: “The federal Liberals have the backing of a solid majority of Canadians when it comes to shutting down tax loopholes … [and] … Three-quarters of those surveyed said loopholes are a “big problem” (45%) or “somewhat of a problem” (31%), according to Mainstreet Research polling … [additionally] …Continue reading “Tax tales: More bad news for Andrew Scheer”