Let them in

When the proposed $20 Billion merger of Shaw into Rogers was first announced, a few days ago, my initial reaction was: Rita Trichur, writing in the Globe and Mail, explains that: First, Rogers’ “friendly deal to acquire Shaw for $20.4-billion was inevitable. Their long-standing agreement to not compete in each other’s respective home turf (RogersContinue reading “Let them in”

Worrying prognostications

Tom Mulcair, a pretty savvy politician I think we can all agree, says, in an opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen, that “Anyone who entertained doubts that Justin Trudeau is doing everything he can to clear the runway for a spring election only had to look at events of last week to understand that he’sContinue reading “Worrying prognostications”

Can you imagine?

So, I see in the Globe and Mail that … … “Canada is the only G7 country to draw on a supply of COVID-19 vaccines meant primarily for developing countries, according to new data released Wednesday.“ I checked other sources and both the CBC and CTV News reported on it, too, albeit without the emphasisContinue reading “Can you imagine?”


I see, in a Canadian Press report, from about a week ago, that the Information Commissioner, Caroline Maynard (top) has rapped the knuckles of the Privy Council Office, headed by Ian Shugart (bottom) who is, arguably, the most powerful unelected person in Canada’s government, and that includes Katie Telford. The problem is bureaucratic arse-covering. OfficialsContinue reading “Unacceptable”

Saving the Canadian media (2)

So, a bit before Christmas I saw this on social media: W. Jeffrey Brown is the founder of Fourth Estate which proclaims that its role is “To contribute to a healthy society by fostering, supporting and incubating a sustainable and vibrant free press.“ The word sustainable caught my eye. Traditionally, since the 18th century, theContinue reading “Saving the Canadian media (2)”

Let’s get it right

Derek Burney, a long time, diplomat (Ambassador to both South Korea and the USA), former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, corporate CEO and scholar, says, in an article in the National Post, that “The combination of a flimsy fiscal update and the erratic management of the COVID-19 pandemic raises questions about theContinue reading “Let’s get it right”

Nothing sticks

Please watch/listen to this discussion between Brian Lilley and Warren Kinsella of Sun News discussing the emerging vaccine scandal. I’ll write, later, about whether or not Mr Kinsella is right; for now, please focus on 2’05” to 2’35” ~ just 30 seconds ~ when Brian Lilley makes the point that “nothing sticks to this guy,”Continue reading “Nothing sticks”