What next?

Terry Glavin, writing in  Maclean's magazine, says, and I fully agree, that "It may well have been capricious in the extreme for Donald Trump’s White House to order that spectacular hit in Iraq, but lets face it: the airstrike target was the Lord of the Flies. He got nothing less than he visited upon countless … Continue reading What next?

Everyone needs to hear or read this (2)

The latest "this" is an excerpt from a talk that Bank of England Governor Mark Carney gave at Oxford: it's here. "This is a whole economy transition," he says which means that it will impact each of us. That "it" is the effect of extreme weather which many experts say is tied to a changing … Continue reading Everyone needs to hear or read this (2)

Civil War (2)

A few days ago I gave a brief history of the civil war which has bedevilled the Liberal Party of Canada for 50 years, since about 1969. It seems that it rages anew ... as I suspected it might, given the fast-fading fortunes of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Chantal Hébert , writing in The Star, … Continue reading Civil War (2)