Is Conservatism Dead?

John Ibitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, says what I suspect many are thinking: “The lacklustre race for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada is further evidence of the impossibility of conservatism in our time.” It’s not that conservatism is dead, he says, but, he explains, and I agree that “in this century,…… Continue reading Is Conservatism Dead?

Restoring the military balance

A recent report by the Commission on the National Defense Strategy, which is a panel charged by the United States Congress with making recommendations based upon its (the commission’s) analysis related to the published (by the administration) National Defence Strategy, and to the larger geopolitical environment in which that strategy must be executed, says that…… Continue reading Restoring the military balance

A message for Conservatives from a peerless source

Almost three years and over 1,500 posts ago I began this blog because I wanted to comment, in particular, on the fate and the future of Canadian Conservatism, Tory blue Conservatism with a capital C, which was, I said, my political ‘home’ because I am a classical liberal and there is no room for real…… Continue reading A message for Conservatives from a peerless source

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Henry Kissinger reprises Margaret Thatcher

When I started these “Everyman’s” surveys it was because, as I said, the government’s “strategic survey’s are very highly classified and we, ordinary albeit concerned Canadians (concerned about our role and responsibilities in the world), will never see them … [but] … there is a lot of open source material which can, probably, give us a…… Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Henry Kissinger reprises Margaret Thatcher

A contrary view

It seems that most of the commentariat (the chattering classes) is aghast at President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accords on climate change … most, but not all. The nonagenarian Nigel Lawson (Lord Lawson, now) who was the UK’s Secretary of State for Energy (1979 to 83) Chancellor of the Exchequer (1983 to 89) in Prime Minister…… Continue reading A contrary view

A “civil war” in the White House?

The Financial Times reports that “A civil war has broken out within the White House over trade, leading to what one official called “a fiery meeting” in the Oval Office pitting economic nationalists close to Donald Trump against pro-trade moderates from Wall Street … [and] … According to more than half a dozen people inside…… Continue reading A “civil war” in the White House?

But what is he for?

I recall a play (perhaps a film?) from the 1950s in which, after an exhortation about why it was necessary to fight against tyranny and aggression and so on one of the protagonists said something like “Well, that’s very good, now I know what you’re against. Now, tell me, please: what are you for?” That…… Continue reading But what is he for?

Potential Conservative Leaders

I guess the media, the Manning Centre and potential Conservative leaders are all trying to ride on one another’s coat tails this weekend. I came across three interesting stories this morning: Kevin O’Leary vows to ‘tear that budget to pieces,’ says CTV News; MacKay: On pipelines, Conservatives should be ‘thoughtful’ ‘dispassionate’ champions, according to David…… Continue reading Potential Conservative Leaders

Practical Diplomacy

The Globe and Mail reports that: “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has selected a politically connected Toronto corporate consultant …c to take over as Canada’s envoy to the United States … David MacNaughton, chairman of Strategy Corp., who co-chaired Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal election campaign in Ontario, will become ambassador to Washington with a mandate to improve…… Continue reading Practical Diplomacy