Strong, Secure, Engaged

So after something of a “bell ringer” of a speech by Foreign Minister Chrtsia Freeland in which she said that “We will make the necessary investments in our military, to not only redress years of neglect and underfunding, but also to place the Canadian Armed Forces on a new footing—with the equipment, training, resources andContinue reading “Strong, Secure, Engaged”

A Conservative defence policy

The new Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer, didn’t talk much about defence during his campaign, but perhaps he’ll listen just a bit. One of the few prime responsibilities of the nation-state is to safeguard its own existence … it’s liberty, its freedom of action ~ domestic and foreign ~ and its sovereignty over the lands andContinue reading “A Conservative defence policy”

Trudeau dithers on peacekeeping

The Globe and Mail, a newspaper which did not endorse Prime Minister Trudeau but which has treated him, generally, favourably, has come out, in an editorial, very sensibly, against Canada joining any UN peacekeeping mission in Mali. “Political party election platforms are not a good place to formulate foreign policy,” the Globe and Mail saysContinue reading “Trudeau dithers on peacekeeping”

Defence, again ~ Senate reports, 2% and capabilities

Tony Battista, the CEO of the Conference of Defence Associations, a pro-defence lobby group and Charles Davies, who is a fellow with the CDA Institute, have written an article in the Toronto Sun that deals with two Senate reports about which I have commented: Military Underfunded: The Walk Must Match the Talk; and Reinvesting inContinue reading “Defence, again ~ Senate reports, 2% and capabilities”

Military support and services

I have dealt, somewhat perfunctorily, with the bright and shiny aspects of the military, the things that attract public attention and, often, the public’s ire, too: new ships and aircraft and so on and the many, many men and women who use, operate and maintain them. My view is that Canada, since about the midContinue reading “Military support and services”

Being responsible

My friend Chris Pook has posted a very interesting article on from The Cipher Brief, a US based online newsletter. The article explains that “At a time of increasing global uncertainty, the Norwegian government is in the process of upgrading its Armed Forces – across the various services – as outlined in a MinistryContinue reading “Being responsible”

National defence capabilities and military competencies

Back, over a year ago, in mid December 2015, I argued for a list of 11 defence capabilities that I think Canada (actually they apply to pretty much every self respecting country) must, without fail, provide for its military. I challenged anyone to add or subtract from the list ~ no one has. My 11Continue reading “National defence capabilities and military competencies”

Change (2)

I have a high regard for Israel, as a liberal democracy, as a modern, sophisticated, free nation and as a military power. I had the opportunity, while serving in the Canadian Army, to see the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) close up and, later, to work with Israeli scientists, officials and military officers on radio frequencyContinue reading “Change (2)”


General Mark A Milley, Chief of Staff of the United States Army gave an interesting talk at a recent Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Association of the U.S. Army. General Milley emphasized that he wasn’t talking about tinkering around the edges. ““The structure and organization of our Army, both operational and institutional, may changeContinue reading “Change”

Logistics and a defence industrial base

I have said before that “Napoleon’s old adage about an army marching on its stomach was never more true than in modern, 21st century warfare. Not only do the sailors’, soldiers’ and air force members’ bellies need to be filled with food, but the “bellies” of the great metal beasts ~ ships, tanks, trucks andContinue reading “Logistics and a defence industrial base”