Doing the right thing

This article, in the Hindustan Times and this in the South China Morning Post, both deal with the same issue: China is trying to wear down Japan’s ability to assert sovereignty over the disputed Senkaku (尖閣諸島 in Japanese) or Diaoyutai (or Diaoyu Islands (釣魚臺列嶼 in Chinese) which are, in reality, little more than a few (eight)Continue reading “Doing the right thing”

Getting ‘er done

There is a lot of chatter on social media about the eventual Canadian delivery schedule for a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus. Many people say that Prime Minister Trudeau and Health Minister Hajdu have “screwed the pooch,” as they say, and that Canadians will be behind e.g. Indonesians and Mexicans in the global lineup forContinue reading “Getting ‘er done”


I have written twice, recently, about why Canada and the USA should work together to achieve a substantial measure of continental self-sufficiency. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that the existing global supply chains need to be re-evaluated for broader strategic goals ~ not just national security and military aspects, including e.g. the 5G networks,Continue reading “Really?”

The federal government does the right thing …

Parliamentary Affairs reporter Daniel Leblanc, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that “The federal government will award a third of the work on $1.5-billion of maintenance contracts on its military frigates to the Davie shipyard in Quebec, cementing the shipyard’s anticipated partnership with two other firms on Canada’s national shipbuilding strategy, federal officials sayContinue reading “The federal government does the right thing …”

Asterix and Obelix?

David Pugliese, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, reports that “MV Asterix is now operating with HMCS Regina in Middle Eastern waters as part of a Canadian-led coalition task force.” He reminds us that “The Asterix, a commercial ship converted by Davie shipyards in Quebec and leased to the federal government to perform a military supplyContinue reading “Asterix and Obelix?”

Where we should not be

So, I see, in a report by Lee Berthiaume of The Canadian Press, published by Global News, that Liberal MP “Rob Oliphant told an all-party press conference that Canada is not pulling its weight,” in the UN peacekeeping arena. ““Canada’s peacekeeping operations pale in comparison to those offered by many African countries,” said the Toronto MP, whoContinue reading “Where we should not be”

Another defence procurement cock-up

David Pugliese, writing in the National Post, reports that “Taxpayers are on the hook for potentially tens of millions of dollars after federal bureaucrats bungled the purchase of trucks for the Canadian Forces and now must make good on the lost profits for a U.S. firm … [but] … Public Services and Procurement Canada, which oversawContinue reading “Another defence procurement cock-up”

Ships, again … steel is being cut for the JSS

Seaspan Shipyards, in Vancouver, has begun to cut the steel for the Royal Canadian Navy’s new Joint Support Ships (JSS) which are to be almost 175 metres in length and will displace over 20,000 tonnes. It doesn’t look much like a ship yet … … but it is very welcome progress towards giving the Royal CanadianContinue reading “Ships, again … steel is being cut for the JSS”

My plan (3)

Let me begin with an anecdote … back in 1987, the Conservative government of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney released a White Paper on Defence that caught many people, including many quite senior people in National Defence Headquarters by surprise. (It was, in fact, a very good paper, although it was, soon, overtaken by events; itContinue reading “My plan (3)”

My plan …

A couple of my interlocutors have taken me to task on two accounts: First, I keep arguing for more and more defence spending, until we get to 2% of GDP ~ which I guesstimate will be something like $55+ Billion by 2030 ~ but, beyond seeking some cuts to Headquarters and to our abundance of very,Continue reading “My plan …”