The Conservative problem

Andrew MacDougall, a senior public relations consultant in London (the big, British London, not London, Ontario) and a former head of PR in former prime minister Stephen Harper’s PMO, has penned an important opinion piece in the Globe and Mail, that I really hope the high-foreheads in the Conservative Party‘s HQ all read and takeContinue reading “The Conservative problem”

What the CPC didn’t do (3)

In an essay in the Globe and Mail, John Ibbitson dissects the recent election and, not surprisingly, concludes that the Conservative party may have been its own worst enemy. He focuses on three key issues: Climate change ~ and he quotes the estimable Lisa Raitt who said that ““It’s a litmus test … Climate changeContinue reading “What the CPC didn’t do (3)”

Another broken promise

Justin Trudeau is at it again! As Bill Curry and Michelle Zilio report in the Globe and Mail, “Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is delaying the release of independent reports on the cost of his promises and will not be submitting all of his election pledges for review by the Parliamentary Budget Officer … [but 2019]Continue reading “Another broken promise”

More good news

Steven Chase and Robert Fife, writing in the Globe and Mail, say that “Ethics in government is shaping up as the biggest issue for voters in the approaching federal vote, outdistancing the economy, the environment and trade with the United States, according to a new poll conducted for The Globe and Mail … [and] … AContinue reading “More good news”

A warning and a challenge

Liberal heavy-weight Scott Reid, in an article in the Globe and Mail that has been widely linked to and commented upon on social media, says that, as a result of the Jane Philpott/SNC-Lavalin/Jody Wilson- Raybould affair, “Mr. Trudeau has been remade into a mere mortal, a regular old politician – as someone concerned with theContinue reading “A warning and a challenge”

Is the Trudeau brand losing its lustre?

John Ibbitson makes a sound political case in the Globe and Mail. “The 2019 election,” he suggests, “is shaping up to be a referendum on Justin Trudeau’s leadership, which is odd … [because, he suggests] … After only a few years in power, the Prime Minister should not be such a polarizing figure that this fall’sContinue reading “Is the Trudeau brand losing its lustre?”

More house cleaning needed

The Advisory Board for Supreme Court of Canada judicial appointments was created by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government in 2016 in order, they said, “To deliver on [the Liberal government’s] commitment to ensure that the process of appointing Supreme Court of Canada Justices is transparent, inclusive, and accountable to Canadians.” The Mandate Letter for the ChairContinue reading “More house cleaning needed”


I have been saying, for well over a year now, that Andrew Scheer can win in 2019 if he leads and works with a good team. Nearly three weeks ago, writing in the Toronto Sun, Liberal strategist Jim Warren ~ making year end predictions as many in the commentariat are wont to do ~  warnedContinue reading “Teamwork”

Same problem: a failure to enunciate on Twitter

Edit: last paragraph Almost two years ago I wrote that Dr Kellie Leitch, during the Conservative leadership campaign, “took ownership of the “barbaric cultural practices” theme and will take responsibility for proposing that we “screen” immigrant for “misogynist behaviour” out of a very real and deeply held conviction that too many women and girls areContinue reading “Same problem: a failure to enunciate on Twitter”

Doing things right

I agree with The Star‘s senior political columnist Susan Delacourt when she says that Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt showed, earlier this week, as she critiqued the recent Trudeau cabinet shuffle “how it’s possible to do criticism on the sunny, high road. An endangered skill, perhaps, but one worth preserving, especially if Canada is determinedContinue reading “Doing things right”