As we, Conservatives, contemplate the challenge of restoring good, sound, principled government to Canada we must select a new party leader. Many hoped that Rona Ambrose, the interim leader would seek the permanent job but she has decided that her (current) role is to lead while the party builds for the future. My friend TheContinue reading “Leaders”


Yesterday I, and almost everyone else in the blogosphere, was happily preoccupied with the shenanigans in our (Canadian) House of Commons. (So preoccupied, in fact, that I hardly even noticed that New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key, had, just a week earlier, been ejected from his own parliament for improper behaviour ~ continuing to  talk (shout?)Continue reading “Fallout”

A dumb decision

If this report, from TVA Nouvelles, is correct ~ “The Minister of National Defence Harjit Singh Sajjan will announce Tuesday that his government will restore the Royal Military College Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu to the status of a degree granting university … to mark the 350th anniversary of the city” ~ then the government will be wasting millions andContinue reading “A dumb decision”

Ooops …

This story has been well known in military circles for some years: “The Trudeau government has ordered National Defence to reimburse the federal Treasury Board for over $147 million in unauthorized expenses incurred by members of the military over nearly a dozen years.“ The Global News story goes on to explain that: “The practice [improperContinue reading “Ooops …”

Things are looking a bit blue

  Many commentators are suggesting that things are looking very rosy for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals while Conservatives (and conservatives) ought to be feeling rather blue. But I disagree. While I remain impressed with Team Trudeau’s ability to keep selling the “sizzle” even as we can all see that the steak is pretty clearly somethingContinue reading “Things are looking a bit blue”

Achtung Minen!

The Toronto Star says that Democracy Watch, a generally somewhat left-liberal and anti-corporation advocacy group, says that “Justin Trudeau should be barred from any role in deciding the fate of terror suspect Mohamed Harkat because the prime minister’s brother is lobbying the government on the issue … [and] … Trudeau should publicly recuse himself from involvementContinue reading “Achtung Minen!”

How We (CPC) Can Win The Next Election (2)

Yesterday, Darrell Bricker, co author, with John Ibbitson of “The Big Shift,” from which I draw many of my ideas about the Laurentian Consensus and the Laurentian Elites, and also the CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, posted a series of tweets about how the Liberals won the 2015 election or, perhaps, how we, Conservatives, lost it. WithContinue reading “How We (CPC) Can Win The Next Election (2)”

Be Prepared!

There’s a good article in the latest MacLean’s by Martin Patriquin that says we (The Conservatives) are, deservedly in the author’s opinion, given the 2015 campaign, down but, definitely not out. I agree. He begins with a litany of failed governments: Mulroney’s, Chrétien’s, then Harper’s ~ each brought down by the very flaws, in its predecessor, thatContinue reading “Be Prepared!”

The BIG Menace

Three articles in the weekend papers caught my eye: First: Jeffrey Simpson, in the Globe and Mail, explained how the Ontario Liberals have grossly, almost criminally, mismanaged projects for years; Second: Scott Gilmore, in the Ottawa Citizen, lamented the sad state of the state monopoly on alcohol and concluded that we get the governments we,Continue reading “The BIG Menace”