Achtung Minen! (2)

Both the Calgary Sun, not generally seen as a real friend to the Liberals, and the Globe and Mail, which is much less antagonistic towards Justin Trudeau and his party, featured articles this week that warned him to avoid falling into the morass of perceived corruption that dogged Hillary Clinton through her disastrous election campaign. Mrs ClintonContinue reading “Achtung Minen! (2)”

Ancient wisdom

I have mentioned (hoped) before that Prime Minister Trudeau might start, in 2017, to “reap the whirlwind” that he sowed with his silly campaign promises in 2015. Now, the Toronto Star reports that “After soaring in public approval for more than a year, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals tumbled last month in a new poll that reflectsContinue reading “Ancient wisdom”

High risk dishonesty

There is a report on the CBC News website that suggests that the Trudeau regime, and especially Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Procurement Minister Judy Foote are, both: Taking unnecessary risks with Canada’s national security and with the lives of our fighter pilots for crass, partisan political purposes; and Being openly dishonest with Canadians. The CBCContinue reading “High risk dishonesty”

Sickening stench of corruption and dismal ineptitude

It is pretty hard, after reading first one, and then another story in the Globe and Mail to not be somewhat sickened by the stench of corruption that emanates from the Liberal Party of Canada‘s cash for access scandal which reaches right up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who prostitutes himself for $1,500 per personContinue reading “Sickening stench of corruption and dismal ineptitude”

Through a glass, darkly

A few months ago I wondered if it was only me who saw the Liberals as being a bit “tone deaf:” I noted that Prime Minister Trudeau had been out-manoeuvred by CPC leader Rona Ambrose on his response to the Fort McMurray fires, the undemocratic way the Liberals were pushing electoral reform, there was theContinue reading “Through a glass, darkly”


The media is full of one story today: 230+ officials, military officers, civil servants and contractors were forced to sign lifetime gag orders (non disclosure agreements) regarding the fighter jet replacement issue. Why? What’s so secret? Many senior officials (including former assistant deputy ministers in DND and very senior military people who held very, veryContinue reading “Coverup?”

The Librano$ are Back (2)

I reported on the return of the Librano$ back in December, 2015 just six weeks after Prime Minister Trudeau’s new government was installed, and I used that really quite brilliant illustration from the  Western Standard: Now, Robert Fife and Daniel Leblanc, writing in the Globe and Mail, report that they seem to be back: “SNC-LavalinContinue reading “The Librano$ are Back (2)”