Andrew Scheer is right

In an article in the Globe and Mail which, given the headline ~ “Trudeau defends Canada’s new peacekeeping plan” ~ seems to suggest that the prime minister’s new peacekeeping “plan” (which may not be the really appropriate word for this smelly mess of political pottage)  is receiving less than rave reviews, Conservative leader Andrew ScheerContinue reading “Andrew Scheer is right”

“Living in the cloud:” one thought on one way of producing and educating naval and military officers

A few years ago the Breakout Educational Network produced a video called “No country for young men,” which, when tied to a comment that a friend, a seasoned combat leader, made on one of my recent posts, has caused me to add to my previous thoughts on the production of officers. “I agree,” my friendContinue reading ““Living in the cloud:” one thought on one way of producing and educating naval and military officers”

One of our Canadian values: our military heritage

This video, set to an excerpt from a speech speech that former British MP and Defence Secretary Michael Portillo gave to the Conservative Party Conference in 1995, is applicable to Canada, to. We are also slow to quarrel but we, also, fight to win. We need to remember our “real history” of bravery in theContinue reading “One of our Canadian values: our military heritage”

Decades of darkness

A few weeks ago I opined that the Canadian Army is, in the 21st century, something of a Potemkin Village: a face of formations and units that are all “in the shop window” and have nothing to provide the weight and depth that a fighting army needs. I have also explained that in my viewContinue reading “Decades of darkness”


Rumours are circulating that Candice Bergen, Erin O’Toole and Michelle Rempel are all considering entering the CPC leadership race … … which would be good news. I think we want a big, exciting, even colourful field that represents ALL of Canada, coast to coast, and ALL points of view, from Red Tories to fiscal hawksContinue reading “Rumours”

Peace support operations in Africa

Three articles indicate that the Trudeau government is firm its commitment to send a forces (or forces) of a size that, in Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s words, Canada “can sustain for a long duration” to Africa. (For reference, we ‘sustained’ 2,500± (mostly) soldiers in Afghanistan for over a decade.) The articles, from CBC News, iPolitcsContinue reading “Peace support operations in Africa”

It should be obvious, but …

Thanks to my friend The Regimental Rogue: This, from General George Marshall, perhaps the greatest man of the 20th century, should be intuitively obvious. But it’s not, and we need to remember that it is the totality of the nation that makes us strong or weak: The numbers and quality of our ships, tanks, gunsContinue reading “It should be obvious, but …”

Time to start governing?

Major General (retired) Lewis MacKenzie, a Canadian officer with considerable experience in UN peacekeeping offers some unsolicited advice to Team Trudeau in an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail:  “If we really want to help make the world a better place,” he says “Canada should forget the obsession about obtaining an expensive temporary seatContinue reading “Time to start governing?”