Trudeau’s dilemma

Murray Brewster, writing on the CBC News website, says that “It may be a world away from NATO, but the Chinese telecom titan Huawei — and the United States’ desire to keep it out of the security grid of western democracies — will be a major topic of conversation among allied leaders this week …Continue reading “Trudeau’s dilemma”

War in the “grey zone”

I said, about 18 months ago, that “Western leaders like Presidents Marcon and Trump, Chancellor Merkel and Prime Ministers Abe, May, Rutte, Trudeau, Turnbull all see “war” as a binary choice ~ you’re either fighting or you’re not, while Putin and Xi see it as spectrum wherein actual armed conflict is only one of many,Continue reading “War in the “grey zone””

Where is Europe headed?

While it is, nearly, impossible for one to contemplate what the next steps might be in the Brexit fiasco, the remainder of the European Union chugs along … in a way. I see, in an article in the Express, that French President Emmanuel Marcon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have, in a ceremony in theContinue reading “Where is Europe headed?”


Murray Brewster, writing for CBC News, reports from Latvia that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set himself on a political collision course with U.S. President Donald Trump Tuesday by laying out unequivocally that Canada will not meet NATO’s benchmark for defence spending … [and] … “There are no plans to double our defence budget,” Trudeau told reporters atContinue reading “Nonsense”

Bait and Switch

Steven Chase, writing in the Globe and Mail, reports that “The Canadian government is defending itself against accusations from U.S. President Donald Trump that Canada is falling short on defence spending, saying there are big military expenditure increases planned in future years and that this country always contributes to NATO deployments … [and] … This rejoinderContinue reading “Bait and Switch”

Grand strategy: A new approach to Russia?

Dr. Emma Ashford, of the (generally conservative) Cato Institute, proposes that we, in the US led West, should reconsider what she calls our “reflexive hostility” towards Russia. Her remarks are addressed, in the main, towards US leaders but, of course, many in the chattering classes, which includes me, to be sure, are equally prone to take Continue reading “Grand strategy: A new approach to Russia?”


It’s been almost two years since I started blogging in earnest. I have been looking at the statistics page for my blog … readership has been growing, generally steadily, over the past couple of years and I now have some regular (and a few periodic) readers from: Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovenia, Brazil,Continue reading “Thanks!”

Lies, damned lies and politics

Two recent stories, both on CBC News, caught my eye: First: Alicia Wanless, who is the Director of Strategic Communications at The SecDev Foundation, wrote a very informative article about Russian propaganda which aims to wage “an invisible battle for hearts and minds will be happening back at home … The goal [of which isContinue reading “Lies, damned lies and politics”

Potemkin Village (3)

My friend Tony Prudori, who is a reliable source of news about all things military, has posted (on the ORBAT (order of battle) of the Canadian led battle group that will deploy in Latvia: “According to*,” he reports,  “the Canadian-led battalion level battle group will be composed of about 1,138 soldiers, as wellContinue reading “Potemkin Village (3)”

A refreshing dose of reality

Transport Minister Marc Garneau, a retired astronaut and, before that, a senior Navy engineering officer (I believe he was a commander when he last served in the Navy, proper ~ he was promoted to Captain (N) when he was in the Canadian Space Agency, as I recall) has made a refreshing admission (at 3’35” toContinue reading “A refreshing dose of reality”