Where are we? (5)

Normally when I ask "where are we?" I am referring to our lack of military capability in our vast Arctic regions. This time it's an economic question. Here are two very similar charts: Both measure roughly the same thing: the world's most competitive economies in 2019. The chart on the left is from the highly … Continue reading Where are we? (5)

The politicization of terror

I did not comment on the murderous, (insane?) terrorist attack in New Zealand; everyone, it seemed to me, had said what needed to be said at least as well as I could. But, two items in the Globe and Mail caught my attention: A couple of day ago Michelle Zilio, the Globe's Parliamentary Affairs reporter wrote … Continue reading The politicization of terror

Oh what a tangled web (2)

So, the Globe and Mail (and almost everyone else) reports "General Motors is shuttering its plant in Oshawa as part of a restructuring of its global operations to focus on autonomous and zero-emission vehicles ... [and] ... Two sources, who were briefed on General Motors’ plan, said the Oshawa plant will be completely closed down. Those … Continue reading Oh what a tangled web (2)


Academic standards are a subject of some debate across Canada, with math scores being something of a flashpoint, and just recently elected Premier Doug Ford has promised that there will be a "back to basics" approach in Ontario. Predictably, of course, there is a backlash from, especially, the progressive community (which includes the teachers' unions) … Continue reading Education

I agree

It's not often that I agree wholeheartedly with the Toronto Star, but this editorial, encouraging the Liberal government to be fair, even a wee, tiny bit generous to those women (they're almost all women) who come to Canada from the Philippines, Indonesia and elsewhere to provide affordable in-home child-care and elder care for working families … Continue reading I agree

Real change

A few weeks ago, during the introduction of new minimum wage levels, a picture was floating around the internet which showed some supermarket self-checkout machines with text which said that "these are the only "workers" who are smiling about the increase in the minimum wage." Actually, of course, it will be the fairly well paid … Continue reading Real change

Good tactics

Stephen Chase, Greg Keenan and Adrian Morrow, writing in the Globe and Mail, say that "Canada will give no ground on the Trump administration's protectionist demands when the renegotiation of the North American free-trade agreement resumes this week in Mexico City, but will try to quickly reach deals on easier issues in hopes of showing … Continue reading Good tactics

Bad news for Andrew Scheer

Notwithstanding the absolutely horrid proposal to punish doctors, farmers and small business owners for not being civil servants, notwithstanding the colossal screw-up of the CF-18 replacement, notwithstanding failing to keep Justin Trudeau's signature electoral reform promise, notwithstanding the shameful payoff of Omar Khadr, and notwithstanding the chaos on our borders, ABACUS Data tells us that … Continue reading Bad news for Andrew Scheer

Are they really trying to negotiate a failure?

According to an article in the Globe and Mail, Canada is, at the behest of Big Labour, trying to get Mexico and the USA to move closer to Canada's labour standards rather than, just for example, enacting policies that make Canadian labour part of a more competitive, more productive economy. Andrew Coyne, of the National … Continue reading Are they really trying to negotiate a failure?

Is Bannon preparing for 2020?

There is an interesting article in The Daily Wire about Steve Bannon "preparing for the possibility of war with Trump." "Bannon," says author Ben Shapiro, "is deeply vengeful, and supremely ambitious. He has already held the most powerful job he will ever have — unless, of course, his new job is to destroy Trump from … Continue reading Is Bannon preparing for 2020?